the martha stewart show : the brooklyn episode

I must admit I don't watch Martha Stewart's show regularly. When I work from home, the television is rarely on during the day because I find the chatter and noise distracting when I'm working. When I was invited by my friend Jenna from Whimsy & Spice to watch the taping of the Brooklyn episode, however, I was thrilled. Nearly everyone in the audience was from Brooklyn. I had no idea it was airing live! It was great to see all the local Brooklyn business owners and Brooklyn Flea vendors featured on the show. If there was going to be one episode I would be happy to have seen, it would be this one. Go Brooklyn!

Watch all the videos from the Brooklyn episode here. Below are behind-the-scenes and set photos I took last week before and after the show.

(If you watch closely, you will spot us in the audience. I'm wearing a green dress with a black cardigan, tights and ankle boots sitting be the aisle next to Jenna and her husband, Mark ;)

If you haven't already tried the yummy goodies by Whimsy & Spice, you need to check them out now.