a case against UGGs


Just say 'NO' to UGGs.

Rarely do I rant on my blog but this instance, I had an irresistible urge to do so. So here it goes...

I thought the popularity of these boots would wane after one season. Maybe two. I was wrong. After achieving mainstream popularity, they won't seem to go away. I realize they have a history with (and were originally designed for) surfers, they are apparently very comfortable and they do sometimes look cute on 'tween'-age girls. Personally, I cannot think of another pair of shoes that would make me feel less sexy. Actually, I take that back. Crocs rival UGGs for the top spot for the list of shoes I would also never be caught dead in. But that's a blog rant for another day.

UGGs might be worthy of being worn around my apartment because they look like bedroom slippers to me. There's no good reason why a grown woman (like myself) should ever leave home wearing a pair. It would only make me feel as though I had completely given up on a desire to look/feel stylish or sexy. Besides, why on earth would I ever aim to dress like every other mall-crawling, Britney wanna-be out there? I live in New York. There are just endless (and more fashion-forward) options for boots out there.

Sorry loyal UGG lovers. I am just not a fan.
That is all.