more than a dress

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There aren't many articles of clothing that I lose my marbles over. But this All-saints Anais trench dress is one of them. I blogged about it back in August, some of you might recall. But a big move and various budgetary constraints prevented me from purchasing it. At the time, the importance of buying a dress paled in comparison to everything else going on around me. Then I realized recently that it was still available (yes, I was still thinking about it) and it is now on sale. I could NOT pass it up.

I have to say, it's probably the best dress purchase I've made in the last year (or two). It's perfect for spring and fall. It's impeccably tailored, it's modern and classic with an edge. And unlike most dresses I buy that require some alterations (specific body-type reasons). This one will only require two buttons above the waist to be re-located, you could say. Otherwise, it fits me like a glove. I have been very impressed with the construction of all the dresses I've ever purchased from All-saints. Their mostly neutral (and black) colour palettes really work for me I'm just really not usually a rainbow-brite kind of woman. 

I realize this is only a dress. There are numerous things going on in the world that are far more important. Who cares? Well, it's been a very tough winter, a lot of adjustments to make and a big (HUGE) life shift. The people who know me best understand this. Spring is (arguably) here. New and exciting ventures abound in more ways than one (more on that later). This represents a fresh start. Sometimes, a great dress especially this one carries with it a kind of significance that gives you that extra little bit of flourish. And sometimes, it's all you need to feel good again ...and that's very ok.