the secret of division street : bacaro

Last weekend a friend suggested dinner at Bacaro. It is tucked away on Division St. where the Lower East Side meets Chinatown. In a part of town you would never expect it to be. I became instantly in love with the decor – especially the chandelier. I loved the dark woods with marble table tops and old world charm. It felt as though everyone there was in on the big secret about this hidden gem. It's very intimate and very romantic. The downstairs was even more intriguing. Instead of a wide open space, it was a maze of smaller nooks, semi-private rooms, some with a different chandelier hanging in it surrounded by all brick walls. I managed to snoop around and snap these photos without being noticed.

We dined on small plates of very thoughtfully prepared Italian food. Everything was delicious. It was a lovely evening. I definitely want to go back.