resolutions : more or less

So here are my resolutions for 2010:

1) Take more dance classes (and more push-ups!), have fewer excuses. I take amazing classes Alvin Ailey Extension and I'm eager to try Peridance Capezio Center again... they just moved to a gorgeous new space.

2) More juicing fresh green juice. My favourite: green apple, cucumber and spinach or celery (or ginger). Juicing has had a huge impact on my digestive health and it just feels great when I do it on a consistent basis.

3) More cooking at home. Maybe take more classes at the Institute of Culinary Education

4) See more of my sisters (they live in Toronto). Spending time with them over the holidays makes me want to see more of them in general. I need to make it happen more often this year. Over all, I need to spend more time with like-minded, ambitious, intelligent, passionate, positive souls. Spend a lot less time with toxic, negative beings who don't nourish my life.

5) More travel! I rented an apartment for a month in Paris in 2005 and I haven't been able to do anything similar since. Something more tropical is always a desirable option too. The photos below are of me cycling in front of the Louvre and the other is from a trip to Palawan (Philippines) a few years ago.

6) More peace = less worrying = better sleep = better skin. Really. This is probably the most challenging of all but I'm determined.

7) I need to read more. The list of books to read next is ever growing. Next up is my friend Ken Wheaton's First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival.