for the love of brooklyn : happy labor day weekend

I'm a lover of Brooklyn. I love getting a real break from Manhattan in the evenings and weekends. My dog, Lexie, agrees. Living here makes the pace and occasional brutality of life in the big city much more bearable. It truly is more "neighborhoody" than Manhattan. Staying local on the weekends and avoiding the mayhem of city's weekend warriors always proves to be very satisfying. There is a vibe here that can't be found in Manhattan (or even in self-conscious and annoyingly hipper-than-thou, Williamsburg, Brooklyn). Generally speaking, people here are more laid-back – it's safe to take the urban armor off and relax.

In addition to savoring a bit of down time in my part of Brooklyn this long weekend, I plan to see some art upstate and in Queens. I hope to share some more beautiful photos next week. More gorgeous weather is in the forecast and I can't wait.

Fellow Brooklynites, what are you doing in Brooklyn this weekend?

Here are some iPhone photos I've taken around the neighborhood this summer... enjoy!