i heart turtlenecks, i do.

My affinity for turtlenecks started in my high school days in Southern California. Oddly enough, it was a place that never really saw a real winter. I was part of the gang of New Wavers, (Pre)Goths and Mods who wore a lot of black clothing, Doc Martens boots or pointy patent leather flats and rode vintage Vespa scooters to school everyday (really). I would never be caught dead wearing bright hypercolor belly-baring half shirts, anything in a pastel color (I still don't!) or anything considered "mainstream."

Well these days I don't crimp my hair anymore. The things that stuck with me since the 10th grade are my cat-eye liquid eyeliner and wearing turtlenecks! I found a couple that I love this season (I always do). I love the variations on the original. The shoulder details and modern shapes. I'm now ready for winter, at least my wardrobe is.