two blue wolves by sparrow hall

I'm thrilled to share with you Two Blue Wolves Digital Collection, by my friend, Sparrow Hall. It officially launches today. Two Blue Wolves is a beautiful short story that explores memory through a woman suffering through Alzheimer's disease as well as through the eyes of her caregiver.

Sparrow Hall shared the story with artists around the world and if it resonated with them, encouraged them to reinterpret it in their own medium. The artists included musicians/bands, filmmakers, poets, dancers, etc. This first-of-it's-kind digital collection includes all of these reinterpretations inspired by the story. It is an e-book, audio book, soundtrack, music videos, posters and more. 15% of every purchase will benefit the National Alzheimer's Association. This launch coincides with National Alzheimer's Awareness month (November).

Watch the trailer below. For more information, view/listen to previews, a complete list of collaborators and to purchase the collection, go to:

I've been a friend of Sparrow Hall's for many years and I've watched a bit the story (after the story) unfold as he worked to put this project together. His vision and passion for what he does—not to mention his talent—reaches far beyond the writing. I am truly inspired.