just now on instagram

It was clear that the moment I started taking photos exclusively with my iPhone and decided to post them via Instagram, my interest in blogging decreased significantly. After more than three years of blogging and decades of photo-taking, I embraced this change. Although I resisted at first, it does make sharing my photography and point of view that much quicker and easier. In addition, I use the Camera+ app to edit photos on my phone – it's the best! This is the digital age. An increasingly seamless one. We ARE also more impatient (I know I am). Anyone else out there feel the same way? 

The bottom line: Instagram is blogging without all the work and pre-planning. Like it or not, they're doing something right. They are up to 25 million users to date! The only glitch is Instagram makes your entire stream available only via their app and to people following you via the app. So I've set up a page on my site that streams my latest photos no matter where I go, in real-time, all in one (clean) space. I will likely continue to blog occasionally, but for my most up-to-date posts, check here.

sarahcentricity & serendipity

There is no one else in this world – apart from Sarah Jackson – that I can call all of the following: Twitter friend, tenant, penpal-of-sorts and CLIENT. Let me explain. At some point, there were mutual Twitter follows. Then some Twitter conversations (and a lot of remote, simultaneous laughter). Which lead to an almost-ladies-drinks-at-the-Ace-Hotel between Sarah, my friend Nichole of Little Brown Pen and myself. It was foiled at the last minute by a scheduling conflict. Then Sarah jetted off to Australia and New Zealand for five months. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Toronto. Then one day she contacted me via email (as I was reeling from a potential tenant flaking out on moving into my Brooklyn apartment). She asked me whether my apartment happen to still be available because HER sublet situation fell through. Then, Voila! Sarah becomes a tenant in my Brooklyn apartment for a few of months. For those who may not know her, Sarah Jackson is an über talent: a writer, producer and creative director. She is also HILARIOUS, great looking, highly ambitious and smart. Whilst she was my tenant, we wrote many epic emails to each other about a myriad of interesting topics. Fast forward to now. She's back in Australia. Our emails back and forth continue. She ended up hiring me to redesign her blog as well as her work/portfolio website. Both were recently launched. This is a modern day, Twitter-born, multi-faceted relationship. Needless to say, Sarah and I will HAVE to now meet in person one day. And there's no telling where in the world we might do so. That's the most amazing part of all.

less curating, more creating



A recent article's provocative title on PSFK recently caught my attention. After I read it, it unraveled something in me. Are We Becoming Inspiration Fetishists? was written in response to a blog post by Stephan Boubil at The Apartment. The original article talks about how the creative industry and the internet has in a sense has turned us into 'inspiration fetishists' that are more concerned about inspiration behind creative work rather than actually creating the work. I stumbled upon the quote above on The Mavenist and I felt it truly captured this whole line of thought. 

As a creative person and a blogger, I feel that I'm always working. My blog does help me document my creative experience and my point of view. Although my blog started out purely as a documentation of my design and aesthetic preferences, I realized over the past couple of years that this isn't really what makes it interesting to read or follow in the long run. Considering the name of my blog, I was forced to question whether or not I have turned into an 'inspiration fetishist.' The answer is 'no.' Well, maybe a little. It's been great learning over the past couple of years through blogging – and discovery of other blogs – that what's most compelling is actually writing about and photographing my own life experience as a creative person. I have noticed that 'blogging' has become increasingly part of everyone's vocabulary. People are spending more and more time curating and maintaining their Tumblr or Pinterest accounts. Our Twitter streams feed us endless links to more inspiring visuals, topics and work. Sure, these sites can/do provide a great deal of inspiration (visual and otherwise) when needed. Some of it can be very seductive. But don't you get exhausted? I know I am. The point we're starting to miss through all of the bombardment is this: when are we/people actually CREATING when we spend so much time collecting and glorifying someone else's work? So much so that it's become so commonplace to appropriate someone else's images and/or text without the courtesy of crediting the author. Perhaps, to some, it has become a fetish. Consider this for a moment. It's something that has stuck with me this week. To rephrase Stephan Boubil's point about how he's tired of the word inspiration... what happened to action, awakening, motivation, ambition and influence? At the end of the day, what's more interesting to me is original content, real stories. As a blogger, it's certainly more interesting for me to share my own experience and my own work. It's about creating original content as opposed to only reposting someone else's. Good questions to ask might be: What's the ratio of time spent this week on collecting inspiration vs actual creation? At what point do you feel compelled to originate work? There isn't anything wrong with curating/collecting existing content and sharing it. I just believe that it shouldn't be taking away ALL our creative energy. What do you think? 

blog birthday no. 2 + a giveaway!

Wow. It's been two whole years since I started this blog. I can hardly believe it! I can only hope that you've enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed sharing :)  

To celebrate, I am giving away this beautiful scarf necklace designed by my good friend, the talented, Melissa Clemente. It's one of my favourite pieces of hers this season. It's made of a very soft knitted yarn (100% cotton). It's the coziest kind of necklace to have on in the winter.

To qualify to win: check out her website, follow her Tumblr or on Twitter and leave a comment and your email address below. You'll have until Friday, February 4th at 6pm to enter. The winner will be chosen at random. Good luck! 

For those of you in Toronto this Saturday, February 5th: Come by the Drake Hotel between 9am and 4pm for The Guilty Pleasures Designer Sale and you'll be able to see and purchase Melissa Clemente's jewelry. I will be swinging by there, too. So come by and say hello :)