for sale: rusa bar chairs (design within reach)

TORONTO: I am selling a pair of these responsibly harvested, bar-height outdoor RUSA chairs from Design Within Reach. These chairs are less than a year old and barely used (and mostly used indoors or in storage). They retailed for $450/each without cushions and I am selling them for only $125/each including Sunbrella cushions in Linen (canvas colour, see second photo below). I am moving and will no longer have a balcony to put these in. View the RUSA Collection at DWR. The bar height table is on sale!

Please email me asap, if interested. Cash only, local pick-ups only. 




standard chair height version shown with the cushions

The RUSA Collection at Design Within Reach

extended play, new york

Lexie and I are back in our Brooklyn apt for (all/most) of August. The slight change of plans happened just a day or two ago. It was what I wanted to do anyway, my circumstances changed to accommodate for a longer stay. It could be my last few months of having a Brooklyn apartment. And my place was (deliberately) vacant this month anyway. Since the timing worked in favour of staying, I figured, why the hell not?!

It's been unexpectedly grounding to be back in the city. It feels a lot more like coming home this trip. It has everything to do with familiar surroundings, even for Lexie. I've lucked out with great weather. I'm taking in as much inspiration from the city now as I ever did while I lived here. It's been so wonderful to spend time with my dearest ny friends again and eating very well, as per usual. I will write a separate post on the food!  I AM also doing work while I'm here and looking for interesting new projects as well. 

One of the things I'm looking forward to this next couple of weeks is taking my Alvin Ailey dance classes again. In fact, I am going today. I can't wait! 

Photos above (from top left):
Jeffrey's Grocery (West Village) 
A West Village apartment courtyard 
Lexie at her old park in Brooklyn
Still life at Joseph Leonard restaurant (West Village) 
My new fall oxford/mocc ankle boots! (by Luxury Rebel) 
Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn at sunset


it starts now.

the view from the Porter Airline's runway from my iPhone – landing, May 2011

September will mark one year, the first, that I've (ever) lived in Toronto. The city, for the most part, has welcomed me with warmth and open arms. I have learned a great deal and have had a very successful year thus far with regards to all aspects of my work. I am immensely grateful for this and all who have been supportive. It hasn't been without it's challenges. One of which is figuring out my place in it in my own time. Quite distinct from trying to fit into someone else's expectation of what I will make of this new city (and inevitably disappointing them). I do believe that in order for me to truly make Toronto my own, to be able to carve out my OWN version of it, I need my own space. New York was easy to make my own. Perhaps that is the nature of the city. Perhaps it's because I didn't go into living there with someone else's preconceived version in mind. New York was all mine to carve out. I had nearly 12 years to do so. 

So the official hunt for my own Toronto digs is ON (not ready to own just yet, but to rent). Starting this weekend. It's all VERY exciting. 

My Brooklyn apartment building is over a hundred years old. I've had that place for eight years. There are things everyone is willing to give up to live in New York. I had a good amount of space in Brooklyn, so that wasn't an issue. I'm realizing (for reasons that include my age) that there are conveniences I am no longer willing to do without. Namely, an en suite washer/dryer situation. I loved the charm and character that my Brooklyn apt had. And perhaps down the line, I will be more interested in a fixer-upper, renovation project type of apartment or house. But for now, I want new(ish), clean, modern, bright and easy. Why not? Between my 9-5 work and freelance projects, it doesn't leave me much time these days. But I'm hoping it's doable (maybe with a little professional help). The idea of decorating a whole new space is BEYOND exciting. I can't wait. I will, no doubt, be documenting the process. Stay tuned and wish me luck!


st. lawrence market, old town toronto and... food.

 <p><span class=

I finally stopped in the St. Lawrence Market in the area of Old Town Toronto. It's been mentioned to me by a number of friends in Toronto. Apparently, the market is 205 years old. It's a beautiful, brick structure, a huge space with numerous food vendors. I loved the architecture of the area, too. It might be the most interesting and as well-preserved as I've seen in Toronto. It reminded me of San Francisco (and a little of Paris). It's also similar to Dumbo, Brooklyn. The market is situated on Front Street – which also happens to be near the water. Maybe next time I can make it past the street level and venture downstairs. I did get a chance to enjoy the famous pea meal bacon sandwich (YUM!). And I couldn't help but take photos of some of the food. Can you tell that I've been addicted to shooting everything up close? 

more than a dress

images via

There aren't many articles of clothing that I lose my marbles over. But this All-saints Anais trench dress is one of them. I blogged about it back in August, some of you might recall. But a big move and various budgetary constraints prevented me from purchasing it. At the time, the importance of buying a dress paled in comparison to everything else going on around me. Then I realized recently that it was still available (yes, I was still thinking about it) and it is now on sale. I could NOT pass it up.

I have to say, it's probably the best dress purchase I've made in the last year (or two). It's perfect for spring and fall. It's impeccably tailored, it's modern and classic with an edge. And unlike most dresses I buy that require some alterations (specific body-type reasons). This one will only require two buttons above the waist to be re-located, you could say. Otherwise, it fits me like a glove. I have been very impressed with the construction of all the dresses I've ever purchased from All-saints. Their mostly neutral (and black) colour palettes really work for me I'm just really not usually a rainbow-brite kind of woman. 

I realize this is only a dress. There are numerous things going on in the world that are far more important. Who cares? Well, it's been a very tough winter, a lot of adjustments to make and a big (HUGE) life shift. The people who know me best understand this. Spring is (arguably) here. New and exciting ventures abound in more ways than one (more on that later). This represents a fresh start. Sometimes, a great dress especially this one carries with it a kind of significance that gives you that extra little bit of flourish. And sometimes, it's all you need to feel good again ...and that's very ok.


if coney island were a store

Take the kitschy, retro aesthetic of Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY and apply it to a department store in Toronto, Canada and you would get Honest Ed's. The façade alone had me transfixed. It's a carnival alright. And it's the only structure on the street and neighbourhood that looks like it could belong in Coney Island (or even Time Square). To briefly describe Honest Ed's: it is a discount department store that seems to have, well, everything. The fact that this place has been around for almost 62 years tells me that there isn't a deliberate attempt at kitsch. Things simply have not changed for years! Apparently, the interior store signage has been hand drawn by the same man for decades. I wonder if anyone has ever attempted to create a typeface based on it. 


I remember walking into Eponymy a couple of years ago the week that they opened. It's a cute shop right on the border
of Park Slope and Prospect Heights just off Flatbush Ave. on Bergen St. I walked in this past weekend  while on an errand
run and I must say, I still love their clothes. Owner Andrea Miller has a great eye for a really great mix of clothes with  
simple, modern cuts, and beautiful fabrics. She also throws in a selection of hand picked vintage pieces that just work  
nicely with everything else. The shop embodies an understated "new old" aesthetic that is so of the moment. The accessory  
selection mirrors the beautiful mix of modern and vintage. Go check it out if you haven't already. 

i LEGO NY : a fabulous gselect giveaway

I am giving away this adorable and humourous book called I LEGO NY by Christoph Neimann
courtesy of the super fabulous gSelect online shop! What a fun way to start the week :) All
you have to do to enter is check out the shop, leave one comment below and tell me what
you think of the gSelect. You will have until noon this Wednesday, the 23rd of June to enter. 
Then a random winner will be chosen. US/Canadian entries welcome. Good luck!  

the sign on the door read 'cookbooks'

While strolling down Greenwich Street late Saturday afternoon this weekend with a friend, we stumbled upon the
cutest little shop I had never seen or heard of before. It looked to be closed for the day, so we couldn't walk in. But
the old iMac and the clutter suggested that there would normally be some level of activity taking place in the room.
I wasn't sure what it was at first. Only a curious sign that read 'Cookbooks' on a metal plate adhered to an old door. 
When we looked inside, I was fascinated. It was like a room you would see in an old doll house. There was dusty
old wallpaper on the walls and the doorways looked shorter than usual. It was filled with – safe to assume – cookbooks.
It (and the old building it was in) was adorable. I had to find out more. 

I discovered that this charming little shop is actually Joanne Hendricks, Cookbooks. It is filled with all types of
cookbooks and books about food, wine, dining, etiquette, old and out of print books, obscure books, menus and
paraphernalia. There's even a corresponding online shop called Greenwich Street Cookbooks. I would love to
come back and look around. There's no end to great little places to discover in this city. I love it. So if you're ever
near the corner of Greenwich St. and Canal, stop in.


an inspired afternoon at strand bookstore


One of the best things to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon is to lose track of time browsing through Strand Bookstore. It's a New York institution, it's where books live. There's something about how unpolished, worn-in and creaky that's so romantic about this place. It even smells old. New books are on the same shelf as old ones. There is beauty in the chaos of it's mismatched shelving units and narrow, meandering aisles. I personally always purchased the oldest copies of books available.
Although it was a gorgeous Sunday, I stopped into the Strand looking for Witold Rybcyzynski's Waiting for the Weekend. It's an extended essay on the two-day weekend, it's history and ideas behind leisure throughout history. It was recommended by a friend who knows I'm a big fan of Alain de Botton's books. This seems to be right up the same alley.
I hope you enjoy my little iPhone photo essay :)


spring : raise your hand if you're ready


As I look out my window and see the snow on the ground, I feel as though spring is never going to get here. It is way too early for this but I couldn't help but daydream about what I'd like to wear when the weather gets warmer. I start with the shoes this time. These are just insanely cute. Besides, I often start with what shoes I want to wear on any given day and build the outfit accordingly (doesn't everyone?).




uploaded by myturtleneck

1) Boots from Anthropologie
2) Jacket from Rugby
3) Henley Shirt from ShopBop
4) Scarf from Martin & Osa
5) Shorts from Revolve Clothing
6) Bag from JCrew


if i were a man : oki-ni


Men's footwear doesn't get nearly as much air play as women's footwear. But trust me guys, we notice them – especially if they are nice. At least I do. I actually know a few (yes, straight) men who are really into footwear and fashion. I love a man with good taste.
I ran across Oki-ni shop a while ago and remembered how much I loved their well-curated shoe collection. I couldn't for the life of me remember the name. I recently stumbled on it again. If I were a man, this is where I would shop.


a look ahead to fall : part 2


Midway through every summer, I start to think about what I'd like to wear in the fall. It's partly a preventative measure to keep me from getting caught spending my money on all the end-of-summer sales come August (or earlier!).
I recently browsed through's pre-fall 09, fall 09 and accessories reports. I'm surprised to say, there's not a lot out there I got excited about. There's a lot of horrendously ugly and loud platform shoes from all the designers this year! Yikes! I tend to NOT follow every trend because I know what I look good in (and what I don't). My rule of thumb: If the clothes are wearing you as opposed to you wearing the clothes, chances are you should not wear it. I usually need (and like) more flattering, curve defining cuts. I really don't like a lot of the silly, baggy/shapeless or costume-like outfits that I saw. I will never be caught dead wearing a big floaty kaftan.
Out of everything I did see, here are a few pieces I can get excited about. (Some of them, I can see being worn together.)
I love this Colette Dinnigan dress

Chloe bag
Stella McCartney
These Coach ankle boots are ultra-sexy and TO DIE FOR! They would look great with the Mackage coat that I'm longing to have as well as the two outfits above.
Derek Lam bag. YUM!
Chloe boots
There's something about this Proenza Schouler bag. It's like an edgy book bag.

I'm not usually into croc leather. But these Tod's boots, also gorgeous.

All images from




wearing spring/summer ankle boots + scarves


I stumbled upon these great OFFICE ankle boots during my first visit to the new Topshop in Soho. It was a very worthwhile purchase as it turns out. They go with everything! I can wear them with skinny jeans, cropped/long leggings, dresses or skirts. The perforated buttery soft leather makes them so wearable in the spring, summer and even early fall. I adore that pointy toe. Love them! 
I really like the idea of wearing these booties with scarves and a simple tank top. Below are some that I own and some I found:


wishing for spring/summer: look 3 (neutral nautical)


It's technically spring but see no signs of it in New York! WTF? Anyway, here's what I'd love to wear if it ever gets warm enough (or if I could afford to buy everything). 
THE TOP: J Crew Tissue roll-up camp shirt (I love the effortless camp shirt!) I dig the long gold necklace with it too.

THE SHORTS: Last week's purchase, Walter Sailor Button Shorts – only $58! (hopefully they will fit me)

Assuming I'd be vacationing somewhere where shorts and heels wouldn't look slutty when worn together... THE SHOES: L.A.M.B. Trianna Lace Up Sandal from


wishing for spring: look 2 (black, white + bright)


I never used to like wearing black and white together but a recent purchase made me a convert. I like it with a bright splash of color. Again, given an unlimited budget, here's another ensemble I would love to wear this spring. 

THE DRESS: The BCBG V-neck floral minidress – I love the balance of short yet covered up. A defined waistline is key for me. I can't do the floaty/boxy look that's so big these days. It always guaranteed to look unflattering on curvy women like myself (at least up top). 

THE NECKLACE: My own coral red waterfall necklace (that's my sister in the photo, btw). These necklaces are painstakingly handmade by tribal women in the southern part of the Philippines. It comes in an even more dramatic eight layer version too. But for this outfit, I think the three layer is just right.* 

*If you are interested in this necklace, please let me know! I sell them and have only a few left in a couple of colors in both lengths. The red one in the eight layer is no longer available. 

THE BAG: This is also my own Lorelei Sloan crinkle patent clutch. I snagged it for a fraction of the retail price on Gilt Group a couple of months ago. It unfolds as a small tote too. Very sexy. Btw, if you are interested in signing up for Gilt Group, PLEASE let me invite you! (send me your email address!)

THE SHOE: I absolutely LOVE this Theory Vidar Crisscross high-heeled sandal from It's bold, clean and modern. I must find a way to have these!


wishing for spring: look 1


There's a slight warming trend in the weather this week in New York. It inspired me to think of what I would outfits I'd love to wear this spring – given an unlimited budget, that is. Here's the first one:
THE DRESS: This Hitchcock dress from Le Train Bleu looks like something I already own. The mandarin collar and the white piping give this dress a little something extra. The defined waistline would be very flattering on me. It's 1960s military.  Love it. 
THE BAG: I'm not typically a Tory Burch fan because I hate the ever-present giant logo emblazoned on everything she designs. But this season's Jill bag from as well as many others this season are so cute! Note the logo is small and discreet here. Since I usually stick to a neutral color palette as far as clothing goes, I love adding color via the accessories. I love the unex
pected yellow paired with the luggage brown.



THE COAT: Nothing beats the tailoring of a classic Burberry trench. Gorgeous. 

THE SHOES: I couldn't decide between these two! I love these simple, clean buttery Modern Vintage platform wedges from Endless. But I also loved the tough and strappy Luella Buckle Zip Front Wedge platforms by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent from