dr. martens, how you've changed!

I strolled past the Dr. Martens store on Queen West this week – mostly out of nostalgia. Needless to say, I left with this pair of wedges. I was surprised to learn that the shoe company I wore like a uniform back in the day and loved dearly had evolved (remember the New Wave era?). I used to live in my 8-hole Docs with a POINTY toe in high school, thank you very much. I still remember buying them (on sale for $80!) on Melrose Ave. in LA. This was back when my black turtleneck wearing days began. Back when I made clothes for myself, bought a lot of vintage and rode on the back of my friend Barry's Vespa everyday to school. Docs have had a longer history, of course, especially in the UK. The resurgence in popularity in the past few years is thanks to the return of everything 80s. To me, Docs are synonymous with listening to bands like New Order, Modern English, The Psychedelic Furs and watching Pretty in Pink. They were synonymous with rebelliousness. It wore Docs back when I was crimping my hair. They hold a particular significance to a specific time in my life. It was before I worried about rent and debt and when boys would still call me on a landline. 

So I was curious to see whether they might have some new (maybe more refined?) boot silhouettes I might want to consider for the fall. But as soon as I saw these wedges, I stopped looking anything else. And you know what? They're unbelievable comfortable. Just like the boots. And they're a perfect grey. I couldn't help thinking: 'Well, well, well. Dr. Martens look at you now.' They still make the original boot (now called 'vintage' of course) and I might have to buy myself a pair. You know, for old times sake. 

The manner in which they brand themselves is so consistent with how I've come to remember them. It's an evolution and at the same time ...not.


Dr. Martens 1461 shoes - Sceptered Isle from Dr. Martens on Vimeo.


here lies love : david byrne and imelda marcos


David Byrne (formerly of the 80s band Talking Heads) is releasing an album this April of 22 songs that are all about the life of Imelda Marcos. He's collaborated with Fat boy Slim to produce this album and upcoming musical theater concept. He has this curious fascination with Imelda – the wife and infamous former first lady to Ferdinand Marcos, former dictator of the Philippines. It isn't so much an album in her honor but more so a look at her rise to power and what she did with her own brand of power. There's only one mention of shoes, which is what she's most known for: the (roughly) 3,000 pairs she owned at the time she and the former dictator were thrown out of the country. Apparently, the idea was born out of the Marcos's love for disco music during the 70s. Imelda apparently frequented Studio 54 in New York, installed a disco ball in her NY townhouse and lived lavishly (while the people of the Philippines plunged deeper and deeper into poverty). The title of the album is based on what Imelda Marcos herself wishes for her gravestone to read upon her death: Here Lies Love. I'm still not completely clear on why David Byrne was so inspired to create this project. But I'm interested to find out more.
I haven't yet listened to the album in it's entirety but I'm fascinated with this video of the track performed by Santigold entitled "Please Don't." It's about Imelda's way of working with world leaders into helping Philippine interests by charming them into seeing things her way. She dubbed it "Handbag Diplomacy" because she would bypass former President Marcos, grab her handbag and fly off to meet these world leaders. I love all this vintage footage of her. Outside of her corrupt ways, she was fabulous looking and the woman knew how to *work it.*
Check here to find out more about the project.


a score and a dream


The arrival of spring brings me endless inspiration. It's sunny outside and New York is looking oh so stylish again after the desire for style took a nap following multiple grey, snowy episodes. For the first time in many months, I'm wearing one of my safari shirt dresses (with worn-in boots –sans tights)! I couldn't be happier. Below are two things to start me off:
How great is this Twosome ring by Erica Anenberg? I scored it via the waitlist on Gilt Groupe on a barely legal discount. It's my new badass-meets-lady ring. I love contradictions.
In other news, these gorgeous Ipswich Brogues by Rachel Comey (via Le Train Bleu) are too expensive for me to buy. But a girl can dream...



spring : raise your hand if you're ready


As I look out my window and see the snow on the ground, I feel as though spring is never going to get here. It is way too early for this but I couldn't help but daydream about what I'd like to wear when the weather gets warmer. I start with the shoes this time. These are just insanely cute. Besides, I often start with what shoes I want to wear on any given day and build the outfit accordingly (doesn't everyone?).




uploaded by myturtleneck

1) Boots from Anthropologie
2) Jacket from Rugby
3) Henley Shirt from ShopBop
4) Scarf from Martin & Osa
5) Shorts from Revolve Clothing
6) Bag from JCrew


if i were a man : oki-ni


Men's footwear doesn't get nearly as much air play as women's footwear. But trust me guys, we notice them – especially if they are nice. At least I do. I actually know a few (yes, straight) men who are really into footwear and fashion. I love a man with good taste.
I ran across Oki-ni shop a while ago and remembered how much I loved their well-curated shoe collection. I couldn't for the life of me remember the name. I recently stumbled on it again. If I were a man, this is where I would shop.


grey boot worship


My color this season seems to be grey. I like the idea of breaking up an all black outfit with grey ankle boots. I've gathered my favourites below. I'm conflicted about whether I prefer the idea of cozy ones vs sexier ones. What do you think?

I nearly fell over. HOT!
Rosegold Fold-over Ankle Boots from Saks

Rosegold Sarah Slouch Booties from Shopbop

Ok, it's black and white tweed and not technically grey but how cool are these?
Eley Kishimoto – Sectioned tweed shoe-boots from Farfetch
I love these wooly boots with the leather details!
80%20 Eliotte Charcoal Ankle Bootie from Eilatan


a case against UGGs


Just say 'NO' to UGGs.

Rarely do I rant on my blog but this instance, I had an irresistible urge to do so. So here it goes...

I thought the popularity of these boots would wane after one season. Maybe two. I was wrong. After achieving mainstream popularity, they won't seem to go away. I realize they have a history with (and were originally designed for) surfers, they are apparently very comfortable and they do sometimes look cute on 'tween'-age girls. Personally, I cannot think of another pair of shoes that would make me feel less sexy. Actually, I take that back. Crocs rival UGGs for the top spot for the list of shoes I would also never be caught dead in. But that's a blog rant for another day.

UGGs might be worthy of being worn around my apartment because they look like bedroom slippers to me. There's no good reason why a grown woman (like myself) should ever leave home wearing a pair. It would only make me feel as though I had completely given up on a desire to look/feel stylish or sexy. Besides, why on earth would I ever aim to dress like every other mall-crawling, Britney wanna-be out there? I live in New York. There are just endless (and more fashion-forward) options for boots out there.

Sorry loyal UGG lovers. I am just not a fan.
That is all.


diesel love


Over the years, I've watched Diesel clothing and accessories get more sophisticated and more beautiful. Not only that, they've expanded to include furniture and home textile. They've even designed and co-branded a cute car with FIAT.
I absolutely love these bags. Not to mention that sexy boot! YUM. They remind of converted warehouse spaces – rough, old and new at the same time. I love the worn-but-tough quality to the materials. Leather, canvas and a little dirt never looked so good together.

All images from


a look ahead to fall : part 2


Midway through every summer, I start to think about what I'd like to wear in the fall. It's partly a preventative measure to keep me from getting caught spending my money on all the end-of-summer sales come August (or earlier!).
I recently browsed through's pre-fall 09, fall 09 and accessories reports. I'm surprised to say, there's not a lot out there I got excited about. There's a lot of horrendously ugly and loud platform shoes from all the designers this year! Yikes! I tend to NOT follow every trend because I know what I look good in (and what I don't). My rule of thumb: If the clothes are wearing you as opposed to you wearing the clothes, chances are you should not wear it. I usually need (and like) more flattering, curve defining cuts. I really don't like a lot of the silly, baggy/shapeless or costume-like outfits that I saw. I will never be caught dead wearing a big floaty kaftan.
Out of everything I did see, here are a few pieces I can get excited about. (Some of them, I can see being worn together.)
I love this Colette Dinnigan dress

Chloe bag
Stella McCartney
These Coach ankle boots are ultra-sexy and TO DIE FOR! They would look great with the Mackage coat that I'm longing to have as well as the two outfits above.
Derek Lam bag. YUM!
Chloe boots
There's something about this Proenza Schouler bag. It's like an edgy book bag.

I'm not usually into croc leather. But these Tod's boots, also gorgeous.

All images from




for the love of shoes: my friend earle


My friend Earle Sebastian is, to say the least, multi-faceted. He is a filmmaker/director extraordinaire, creative director, father and a "shoe freak" (his term, not mine) who hails from across the pond in London by way of South Africa. I learned that he has hidden away in his Brooklyn apartment, is a vast shoe collection. Not only that, he's also studied shoemaking. How many people have you met actually know how to MAKE a pair of shoes?! Needless to say, I needed to dig deeper. I've known very few men who can speak about shoes and style as passionately as he does. In fact, at a dinner party I hosted late last year, he asked to see the pair of pumps I had on from across the room. Then he held them and studied it's every angle for a good several minutes (a pair of black patent leather Giuseppe Zanotti pumps with a wooden stiletto heel). I learned then of this deep love of shoes.

This keen interest in shoes, fashion (and feet too, I might add...) is long-standing. His grandfather from South Africa said to his father —and in turn to him— three very important rules to live by:

1) Never be first at the dance
2) Always make sure you have a clean hanky in your back pocket and
3) No matter what you wear or how poor you are always make sure you have the best shoes on.

So lovely! An elegant man his grandfather must have been.

A little while ago he let me come and photograph his beloved collection...

Several versions of the *proper* British brogue
Loved these.

Only part of his collection...

A Japanese magazine featured him and his collection a couple of years ago.
Earle's newest acquisition. Lovely.


wearing spring/summer ankle boots + scarves


I stumbled upon these great OFFICE ankle boots during my first visit to the new Topshop in Soho. It was a very worthwhile purchase as it turns out. They go with everything! I can wear them with skinny jeans, cropped/long leggings, dresses or skirts. The perforated buttery soft leather makes them so wearable in the spring, summer and even early fall. I adore that pointy toe. Love them! 
I really like the idea of wearing these booties with scarves and a simple tank top. Below are some that I own and some I found:


wishing for spring/summer: look 3 (neutral nautical)


It's technically spring but see no signs of it in New York! WTF? Anyway, here's what I'd love to wear if it ever gets warm enough (or if I could afford to buy everything). 
THE TOP: J Crew Tissue roll-up camp shirt (I love the effortless camp shirt!) I dig the long gold necklace with it too.

THE SHORTS: Last week's purchase, Walter Sailor Button Shorts – only $58! (hopefully they will fit me)

Assuming I'd be vacationing somewhere where shorts and heels wouldn't look slutty when worn together... THE SHOES: L.A.M.B. Trianna Lace Up Sandal from


wishing for spring: look 2 (black, white + bright)


I never used to like wearing black and white together but a recent purchase made me a convert. I like it with a bright splash of color. Again, given an unlimited budget, here's another ensemble I would love to wear this spring. 

THE DRESS: The BCBG V-neck floral minidress – I love the balance of short yet covered up. A defined waistline is key for me. I can't do the floaty/boxy look that's so big these days. It always guaranteed to look unflattering on curvy women like myself (at least up top). 

THE NECKLACE: My own coral red waterfall necklace (that's my sister in the photo, btw). These necklaces are painstakingly handmade by tribal women in the southern part of the Philippines. It comes in an even more dramatic eight layer version too. But for this outfit, I think the three layer is just right.* 

*If you are interested in this necklace, please let me know! I sell them and have only a few left in a couple of colors in both lengths. The red one in the eight layer is no longer available. 

THE BAG: This is also my own Lorelei Sloan crinkle patent clutch. I snagged it for a fraction of the retail price on Gilt Group a couple of months ago. It unfolds as a small tote too. Very sexy. Btw, if you are interested in signing up for Gilt Group, PLEASE let me invite you! (send me your email address!)

THE SHOE: I absolutely LOVE this Theory Vidar Crisscross high-heeled sandal from It's bold, clean and modern. I must find a way to have these!


wishing for spring: look 1


There's a slight warming trend in the weather this week in New York. It inspired me to think of what I would outfits I'd love to wear this spring – given an unlimited budget, that is. Here's the first one:
THE DRESS: This Hitchcock dress from Le Train Bleu looks like something I already own. The mandarin collar and the white piping give this dress a little something extra. The defined waistline would be very flattering on me. It's 1960s military.  Love it. 
THE BAG: I'm not typically a Tory Burch fan because I hate the ever-present giant logo emblazoned on everything she designs. But this season's Jill bag from as well as many others this season are so cute! Note the logo is small and discreet here. Since I usually stick to a neutral color palette as far as clothing goes, I love adding color via the accessories. I love the unex
pected yellow paired with the luggage brown.



THE COAT: Nothing beats the tailoring of a classic Burberry trench. Gorgeous. 

THE SHOES: I couldn't decide between these two! I love these simple, clean buttery Modern Vintage platform wedges from Endless. But I also loved the tough and strappy Luella Buckle Zip Front Wedge platforms by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent from