inspiring a move : sam james coffee bar

Moving to a new city (not to mention country) involves not only the tedious process of re-establishing your staples, it also requires learning all new
neighbourhoods. Well this week, I found my new coffee joint. My go-to spot, if you will. Sam James Coffee Bar in the Bickford Park neighbourhood
of Toronto near the Annex (I believe) was supposed to have Toronto's best coffee. Of course, I had to find out for myself. With my sister Christine's apt
being very nearby, it was on my list.

It's owned and run by the highly-revered and award-winning barista, Sam James. He's this young, fresh-faced, tattoo-covered guy who was so passionate
and knowledgeable about coffee, he opened this little bar just over a year ago. I tried the cappuccino – apparently Sam James' favourite one to make –
and it literally blew me away. It might just be THE best and most delicious cappuccino I've EVER had. Perhaps on par with, if not better than Café Regular's
in Park Slope or Stumptown at Ace Hotel (my personal favourites in New York). It is perfection. The croissants are also quite amazing. They're apparently
made by a soon-to-open French restaurant across the street called ICI.  

Judging by the steady stream of people (often with lines going out the door), I'd say I'm not the only fan-turned-addict. Not only is the coffee unbelievably
good, the friendly Sam James staff already know me by name. Who doesn't love that? They even let me take a pastry home without paying when I was short
on cash the first time I came in. Everyone there is just so nice. This IS Canada, after all. All the rumours are true.

So the other question I have is this: would it be completely irrational of me to choose a neighbourhood to move into based on where I know I can get amazing
coffee? I'm inclined to think not. Being a newbie makes the little things that help acclimate you to a new place important. Great coffee is important! 

Don't you agree?