furniture sale (brooklyn)

It's 2012. Out with the old, in with the new. I'm purging stuff and moving out of my Brooklyn apartment this month. I would keep these if they suited my new place in Toronto, but they actually don't. I also want to change things up now. ;)

Everything below was purchased from Room & Board in SoHo (good quality stuff). View/pick up by appointment only in Brooklyn by January 25th (I won't be shipping these). All furniture was very well taken care of and have very minor wear and tear. Cash only please. Please email me ASAP if interested. First come, first served. 

I will be posting more items next week or possibly have an open house. Stay tuned. 

The Portica desk measuring 24D x 60W x 29H" (inches) in solid cherry and stainless steel legs. (SOLD)


Sequel rolling file also shown in the top photo. In cherry veneer with aluminum hardware.  (SOLD)

Gallery Leaning Shelf, 27"W, (only one available) is made of reclaimed wood with a stainless steel frame. Recently lowered price to $100! Pick up before Jan 25th! 


art in architecture : new york

Here are some of the things that caught my eye this past month in New York. The architecture is often as interesting as the art. It's really about our points of view as well as the way we edit down to the essence.

Left to right, from the top: 

MoMA (from the inside out)
A Brooklyn apartment building entrance
"Everything's going to be all right" – stairwell at the Ace Hotel
MoMA (from the outside)
Older woman seated at Bertoia chairs at the MoMA
Stairwell, Citibank office on 34th and Broadway
Passage (study) made of NYC police barrier, butterflies made of found aluminum cans by artist Paul Villinski 
Seated ballerinas at Alvin Ailey 
Stairs at Museum of Art & Design 

A few more to come.

new york, full circle

My month in New York has been wonderful. It turned out to be quite eventful, too. I find it difficult to sum up the month in photos. There was lots of ridiculously good food* (perhaps too much?), dear, dear friends, dancing and dance classes, a minor earthquake (didn't feel it) and a hurricane-slash-tropical storm. Much more than anyone could expect to see in a month. Although, not surprising considering where I was. It also became busier than expected in terms of work. I met some inspiring individuals. Interesting to realize that I moved to Toronto exactly one year ago this week. ...Full circle, as they say. 

I would be lying if I didn't admit that I miss it. Having been away for the good part of the past year, I was also able to see New York objectively. It IS a much more exhausting city to live in than probably any in north American or European city. It DOES take a lot out of you. But the trade off is being in the midst of SO MUCH action. New York is a machine and a magnet of creativity, of new ideas and the people behind them. It requires more energy and ambition to thrive there. It is not an easy city but it is intoxicating. That, I knew. You take the good with the hard in New York. Like that proverbial ex-boyfriend, it still has a hold on me... and that's okay. 

One thing I've been able to have this month is perspective. It was great to look back at my year of change – from Brooklyn, where it all started. Being back in my apartment a year later was grounding, comforting. Like home. Lexie felt instantly relaxed there, too. I took stock in what I've been able to accomplish (creatively and otherwise) amid a huge upheaval. I thought about things that mattered, decided on what (and who) to leave behind and what to take with me. I see how I've grown, the relationships I have, what I want, my strengths and my weaknesses. I saw everything that's still ahead of me – things I have yet to learn about Toronto. The future is still wide open. These realizations made me happy

All in all, it's been a superb few weeks. A fantastic close to my summer (and to the past year). I'd like to use ALL of this energy to continue propelling myself forward. I needed it.

Thank you, New York. See you in a few months. 

*Check out my recent dining adventures in New York on Foodspotting.

Prospect Heights the day after the hurricane and Lexie by the window at work 

colonie brooklyn

above photos from

I had dinner at Colonie in Brooklyn Heights last week with my friend Jenna of Whimsy & Spice and I was blown away by the food. Colonie's been open since February 2011 and apparently received almost $16k of funding via Kickstarter before opening. Pretty impressive. The space was beautiful (very Brooklyn, urban barn look) and utilizes many recycled materials. I love the living plant wall, too. The menu features all local and seasonal American menu. I can see why they've received so much attention. The food was so delicious, very vibrant, flavourful and inventive (we both just wished the portions had been a bit bigger, esp. the main course). 

My Foodspotting links are below: 

First course: Octupus with Chorizo Sauce, Fingerling potatoes and Capers

Main course: Scallops with Apricot, Curry, Pickled Eggplant and Pinenuts 

Dessert was a short walk away at Van Leeuwen Ice Cream on Bergen St. I had the Rosewater & Cardemom Ice Cream (tasted like kulfi! Delicious!)

extended play, new york

Lexie and I are back in our Brooklyn apt for (all/most) of August. The slight change of plans happened just a day or two ago. It was what I wanted to do anyway, my circumstances changed to accommodate for a longer stay. It could be my last few months of having a Brooklyn apartment. And my place was (deliberately) vacant this month anyway. Since the timing worked in favour of staying, I figured, why the hell not?!

It's been unexpectedly grounding to be back in the city. It feels a lot more like coming home this trip. It has everything to do with familiar surroundings, even for Lexie. I've lucked out with great weather. I'm taking in as much inspiration from the city now as I ever did while I lived here. It's been so wonderful to spend time with my dearest ny friends again and eating very well, as per usual. I will write a separate post on the food!  I AM also doing work while I'm here and looking for interesting new projects as well. 

One of the things I'm looking forward to this next couple of weeks is taking my Alvin Ailey dance classes again. In fact, I am going today. I can't wait! 

Photos above (from top left):
Jeffrey's Grocery (West Village) 
A West Village apartment courtyard 
Lexie at her old park in Brooklyn
Still life at Joseph Leonard restaurant (West Village) 
My new fall oxford/mocc ankle boots! (by Luxury Rebel) 
Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn at sunset


a wedding was thrown in brooklyn

I loved my friend Jacquelyn and Robert's DUMBO, Brooklyn wedding party this past May and loved the photos too. How adorable are they?! It was a fantastic and memorable evening (and week in New York) with my friends. What won't be posted here is the photo of my teary-eyed face after hearing the bride's twin's speech. To be clear, virtually the whole room was reduced to tears after that speech. It wasn't just me!

Congratulations, again to Jacquelyn and Robert! Much love and happiness to you both. x

All photos by Clean Plate Pictures

p.s. And what a coincidence: the bride and I had the SAME pair of shoes on! 


new york from where i stood

For the first time in history, I visited New York and felt...nostalgic. Even though it felt like I was only there two weeks ago, I realized as I stepped outside and then into the subway that New York had since become part of my past. It was a different feeling from my last (stressful) business trip there in December of 2010. Despite feeling very 'at-home' there, I was filled with emotion as the train made it's way into the city from Brooklyn. I was back on the same train line I used to take to work each day. I was suddenly able to articulate what I was feeling because it was as clear as day and so intense:

New York (to me) had become like that ex-boyfriend who completely broke my heart once. New York is the man I'm still in love with and still want – but I know exactly why it didn't work out between us back then. I couldn't get over the feeling – it was the best way I could descibe it. I choked back tears as I made my way into the West Village. Apparently, I'm not the first person to ever feel this way about New York. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised.

My hectic but amazing week there was filled with quality time with friends, a great wedding party, great food and fantastic art, fashion and film. It also revealed a lot. For one, some (not all) of my friends who still live there tend to forget how to appreciate the city. It's easy to be caught up in the stresses of life, I suppose. New York can be unkind after all. I realized how unhappy I was before I left. The reasons behind this had little to do with the city itself but more to do with my circumstances at the time. I realized that I never forgot how to love it even when I lived there – and that NO ONE can ever belittle how difficult it was for me to leave. Second, I appreciated even more the friendships I had built during my nearly 12 years there. I was reminded that forging new friendships in a new city will take time. I also realized I had actually become a much stronger person in the midst of the huge challenges I faced in the past year. It was good to get some perspective and to be reminded that New York will always be there. The future still lies ahead and there's no telling where it will take me. 


airbnb and my temporary penthouse

I knew going into this New York trip – my first "holiday" in quite some time – that I wanted to stay somewhere nice. Not over-the-top luxury (as if I could afford that), but I wanted something less ordinary. After a search which included discounted rates through a travel insider friend, I found this gorgeous penthouse condo in Brooklyn Heights on Airbnb. The rate turned out to be less expensive than even a run-of-the-mill hotel ($107CND). It was perfectly located between quite a number of train lines and close to the wedding I planned to attend. And you know what? In real life, it looks just as it does in these photos. The space is flooded with light, thanks to the enourmous South facing windows. I had my own private bathroom. It was immaculately clean, I was given access to their washer/dryer, kitchen, living room and terrace, too. The sweet couple who own this condo have their quarters on the opposite side of the condo and really gave me a lot of privacy and were very hospitable. I was even free to bring guests in. And what a view to wake up to! 

If you're thinking of renting this gorgeous space next time you're in Brooklyn, however, I'm afraid it's too late... Over a lengthy conversation with one of the owners one morning, I learned that they've just sold the place for a cool $1.2M. As it turns out, I would be their second to last guest. 

It was such a treat getting to stay in this beautiful space during what was a really great week long visit to my old city. I highly recommend Airbnb. It's worth combing through the site for the best listings. It helped knowing the neighbourhood well already, but ask lots of questions if you don't. I wouldn't hesitate to use it again – no matter where in the world I might end up next!  

All above images via

The photos I took of the (almost) 180°view from the terrace

sarahcentricity & serendipity

There is no one else in this world – apart from Sarah Jackson – that I can call all of the following: Twitter friend, tenant, penpal-of-sorts and CLIENT. Let me explain. At some point, there were mutual Twitter follows. Then some Twitter conversations (and a lot of remote, simultaneous laughter). Which lead to an almost-ladies-drinks-at-the-Ace-Hotel between Sarah, my friend Nichole of Little Brown Pen and myself. It was foiled at the last minute by a scheduling conflict. Then Sarah jetted off to Australia and New Zealand for five months. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Toronto. Then one day she contacted me via email (as I was reeling from a potential tenant flaking out on moving into my Brooklyn apartment). She asked me whether my apartment happen to still be available because HER sublet situation fell through. Then, Voila! Sarah becomes a tenant in my Brooklyn apartment for a few of months. For those who may not know her, Sarah Jackson is an über talent: a writer, producer and creative director. She is also HILARIOUS, great looking, highly ambitious and smart. Whilst she was my tenant, we wrote many epic emails to each other about a myriad of interesting topics. Fast forward to now. She's back in Australia. Our emails back and forth continue. She ended up hiring me to redesign her blog as well as her work/portfolio website. Both were recently launched. This is a modern day, Twitter-born, multi-faceted relationship. Needless to say, Sarah and I will HAVE to now meet in person one day. And there's no telling where in the world we might do so. That's the most amazing part of all.

on dancing and dreaming

I was incredibly moved by my dance teacher's company's performance last weekend. Not only was it so beautiful and exciting,
I have a great deal emotional connection to dance as well. Watching the same style of dance that I study (Horton) being performed 
is unbelievably inspiring. I took photos until I was told I was not permitted. I sat so close to the dancers that I could hear every breath
they took during the performance. It made the experience that much more intense. I could have continued to watch the dancers
performing for hours. I am far from being at the skill level these dancers are at. It was lovely to dream for a moment, of trying to
attain it. These photos don't even begin to capture the energy of a live performance. If you've never seen one, I highly recommend it.


dutch boy burger


A friend called to my attention a new burger joint in the neighbourhood called Dutch Boy Burger a couple of weeks ago. So we decided to
walk over there for lunch and try it out. I was naturally curious about the name. The story is, a Dutch Boy paint store used to be in the
same space. The new owners decided to keep and capitalize on the familiar brand name. The extra large Dutch Boy Paints sign established
a great classic diner aesthetic to the small space.

I ordered the Dutch Boy Burger (stout-soaked cheddar sauteed crimini shrooms & caramelized onion; fries included for $8.50) shared a 
generous plate of onion rings and a Foxton Park White Birch soda. So what's the verdict? Everything, including the soda, was really really 
good. The portions are generous, everything fresh and juicy. I must point out that their (Vidalia) onion rings might be the best I've had.  
The batter they coat the rings with was very thin and crispy (and not at all 'bready'). Biting into them revealed the sweetness of the tender  
Vidalia onions. Perfection. And for the comfort food connoisseurs: they fry absolutely everything in duck fat – only on Sundays. Also a nice 
detail to point out, it's also a good spot for locavores. Their suppliers are primarily local. Next time you're in Prospect Heights having drinks  
at Franklin Park, go through the back door and have yourself a burger and rings (the two establishments are attached). 


food truck drive-in fun

The NYC Food Film Festival event this past Saturday was the World's First Food Truck Drive-In. Thanks to two guest tickets via my friends at Whimsy + Spice, I was able to attend the "sold out" event. It was held in Dumbo, Brooklyn – literally under the Brooklyn Bridge. It was food truck and locavore foodist's heaven. I'm not certain why they limited entry to a free event. As a result, they had fewer than expected attendees. It was a great idea that all of NY should have been able to just walk in to. The food was wonderful and the weather cleared up to make a really lovely evening of outdoor summer film viewing. So much fun!

Here's some of the great food that we ate: 

Banh Mi style hotdog from Asia Dog
Squid Ink taco from Choncho's Tacos
Green Pirate juice from The Green Pirate Juice Truck
Crostini with Goat Cheese, Hazelnuts and Honey from Pizzamoto 
Apricot and Chamomile People's Pops courtesy of The Cooking Channel truck
Tangy Pork and Chicken Sliders from The Krave Korean BBQ Truck
Everything Cookie and Earle Grey Cookie Sandwiches by Whimsy + Spice

Check out the NYC Food Film Festival site for info on next year's events.


hot in red hook


Last Saturday, I joined my friend Dave Pinter for opening day of the Red Hook Food Truck extravaganza. I had been hearing about the trucks for a few years but had yet to try. It was worth the wait (and the walk). So food trucks lined the street corner around Red Hook Park serving all manner of latin food. It cost $5 for this huge (and very tasty) beef huarache and $3 for fresh watermelon juice. There are picnic tables that line the edge of the park too, so you can enjoy the food like civilized human beings.
The day turned into an epic walk through Red Hook, Ikea and the waterfront. Lovely and quiet with a great view of, well, everything: Manhattan, Staten Island and New Jersey.
Go check it out. Tomorrow.
the (badass) juice truck
Dave's pork huarache and tamarind juice (so GOOD)
the incredible shrimp ceviche – I can still taste it, yum
heat supply


yanatiba in my 'hood

I was pleased to discover this cute new vintage furniture, clothing and jewelry shop open in my neighbourhood. It's called Yanatiba. The store has 2 floors of endless little things to look at. I'm looking forward to exploring it some more. I'm all for small local businesses in Brooklyn. it's about time more shops like these crop up in my part of town. It's infinitely more interesting and charming than just another monster chain store.

714 Washington Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11238

All photos by myturtleneck

inspired dining : zenkichi

To continue my birthday week of decadence, my friends Melanie and Jacquelyn took me to Zenkichi Modern Japanese Brasserie in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was my first time and I have to say that it has to be New York's best. First of all, the interior design reminded me immediately of one of my favourite films: In The Mood For Love. The space is very dark, cavernous and maze-like. The reception area looks and feels like a spa and definitely sets you up for the dining experience. Each table was very private, you don't really feel other diners. There is also a button to call the servers, otherwise, they really leave you alone. The service was superb, almost ceremonial. A shade separates your table from everything and it gets lifted and lowered as each course is delivered to your table. The lighting design of this very dark space is also well done. It all makes for one of the sexiest restaurant designs I've seen in New York. And the food? Well, I was very impressed. We had the 3-course pre fix and a sake flight. Everything from beginning to end was incredible. I loved my Saikyo black cod main course (above, marinated in Saikyo miso) – probably the best I've ever had. The desserts (I had the chance to try both) were: Frozen Black Sesame Mousse (chocolate-based silky frozen sesame mousse) and Matcha & Blueberry Rare Cheesecake (blueberry infused Japanese-style, non-baked cheesecake with bitter Matcha green tea powder from Kyoto). They were simply amazing. All of it made for a truly superb dining experience. A great way to end my birthday week (thanks to Jac and Mel!). I will definitely be back – next time I will bring a hot date ;)

New Yorkers, what are your favourite sexy dining spots?

The Amazing Sake Flight (they have over 50 varieties)

brooklyn street seasons

I realized last night that I photographed virtually the same spot on the street in my neighbourhood where I walk Lexie everyday – during two different seasons. Seeing these next to one another really emphasizes the contrast between them. We've come a long way since the snow days in January and February. I'm a much bigger fan of the spring. I now plan to take the same photo with my iPhone this summer, fall and once more next winter to complete the set.

banana, bourbon & butter : robicelli's cupcakes

I met Allison of Robicelli's Cupcakes last week during the Brooklyn Bloggers Meetup at the Bellhouse last week when I tried their Southern Belle cupcake. I had to place an order the next day for my birthday party this past weekend. They're amazing. What are Southern Belle cupcakes? Banana bourbon cake with vanilla buttercream and brown butter-bourbon pecans. Allison delivered (on short notice) these heavenly cupcakes and they were a huge hit. Other people entering The Vanderbilt couldn't stop staring at them as they walked in.