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rare find : philippine cigarette labels (1800-1900)

It is so rare to find vintage packaging design from the Philippines so I was thrilled to stumble on these. This extensive collection of cigarette pack labels are from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s. For those who are not aware, Spain colonized the Philippines for about 400 years (until towards the end of the 1900s). So most of the packaging text is in Spanish. I love this collection :) I wish I knew the story of who collected and documented these. There are more here if you're curious.

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nice package: dickson's hairshop

The packaging design for this line of all-natural, hand bottled men's hair products from a barbershop in the Lower East side of Manhattan is so well done. I love the very brave use typography. It works because they kept it simple, sparse and monochromatic. It is reminiscent of something retro (without looking silly) and achieving a modern and masculine look and feel. Love this. 

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more gorgeous packaging design: 1000 acres vodka

These are possibly the most beautiful vodka bottle packaging I've ever seen. Designed by the company recently made famous for the now discontinued Tropicana packaging. Elegant, minimal and unique. It's the kind of bottle I would hang on to after the contents have been consumed :) Though I foresee complaints from bartenders on these potentially not being so easy to pour/handle. Gorgeous nonetheless.

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quiet = beautiful packaging design

I adore this packaging design for massage oil. I came across it on Communication Arts magazine online. Goes to show exactly (what I believe myself) that not everything has to be loud and obnoxious to be beautiful. In this instance, it's very appropriately quiet considering where these products will live – the spa. I think the typographic design couldn't be more delicate, spot on and gorgeous. 

lovely package, darling.

Who doesn't get seduced by beautiful packaging? I love it and enjoy being part of the design process (when I get the opportunity). Lovely Package is the place to go to see beautiful, clever and delicious examples of all things packaging design related – from all over. Great name too. Above are just a few examples. Talk about inspiring. 

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