i LEGO NY : a fabulous gselect giveaway

I am giving away this adorable and humourous book called I LEGO NY by Christoph Neimann
courtesy of the super fabulous gSelect online shop! What a fun way to start the week :) All
you have to do to enter is check out the shop, leave one comment below and tell me what
you think of the gSelect. You will have until noon this Wednesday, the 23rd of June to enter. 
Then a random winner will be chosen. US/Canadian entries welcome. Good luck!  

how to date in a post-dating world : a thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Diane Mapes for writing this book. Not only was it full of hilarious dating accounts (some of which I can absolutely relate to), it was also full of great advice. She touches on my biggest complaints about today's dating scene like the general lack of manners and common decency and the emotional saboteurs... (all are unbelievably, sadly, commonplace). It a very relevant field guide-of-sorts to dating. I particularly loved the "Red Flag Department" list of archetypes. So funny (and true).

Living in New York — and my life in general — is pretty damn sweet. Not to mention so much fun. It is. Some have even said, enviable. So falling madly in love would just be the icing on that cake. But the reality is, dating here is as tough as it is fun. It was so refreshing to read a book that sees the humor in it all. Not only that, it was a good reality check. I think every single, dating person out there, regardless of your orientation, should read this book – particularly men.

With that, I wish all the lovers out there a Happy Valentine's Day.

like i give a frock


Yesterday afternoon over colada locas, lots of laughs and devious project scheming at The Rocking Horse Cafe, my friend Nichole gave me this fabulous book, Like I Give A Frock. The title and subtitle alone had me intrigued. Fashion Forecasts and Meaningless Misguidance? C'mon, that's freaking funny. It's also a beautifully-bound book with a cloth cover.

I started to read it this morning and I have to say that I have never laughed out loud like this EVER while reading a book. As I read it on the subway post-dance class, I realized I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. Yes, I looked like one of the crazy people that most riders try not to make eye contact with on the way home from work. It is as hilarious as it is beautifully illustrated (by Kat McLeod). I am now the newest and biggest fan of Michi, the book's scathingly sharp, humourous writer.

So thank you, Nichole. You made my day.

Here's one of my favourite excerpts so far:

Eyes Up
You can say what you like about fashion-- it's frivolous, indulgent, fun-- but it can also be downright evil. Take the jumpsuit, for instance. Is the distance from shoulders to possum standard across all women? I think not. One girl's comfort zone is another's camel toe. So when faced with a friend in a changing room asking if the jumpsuit is splitting a most valuable asset apart, keep your eyes up, take a deep breath, and blame the designer!

All images from Chronicle Books


alain de botton: showcase your workspace

My favourite writer of all time, Alain de Botton, is coming out next month with a new book entitled The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work (see previous post). A website called Showcase Your Workspace has been launched opening up the conversation about our work and the spaces in which we spend our working lives. Everyone has the opportunity to upload a photo of their workspace and briefly talk about how one feels about it. I've submitted the photo above (it also happens to be a competition; prizes to be given away!) . There are already many fascinating images to see. Go check it out. 



The company I work for (3:SL Creative) was lucky enough to find office/studio space to share with an interior design firm called Curated. Not only do we get regular glimpses at beautifully designed rooms, we get to work out of their gorgeous space. Admittedly, I also enjoy overhearing snippets of interior design-related conversations :)  
Below is a book that Curated published to show off their work and their inspiration. I thought it was so well done, I had to share. If I had better lighting equipment and a seamless white backdrop, I would have been able to take better photos of the book. Hopefully, the images below will give you an idea. It was designed with meticulous detail. Even the "inspiration" section was printed on toothier, warmer, uncoated stock. 


Here are images from their current and past projects that I particularly liked. Love their style, the use of mid-century modern furniture as well as their use of color. Plenty of inspiration here for my future apartment. I'd love to be able to afford to hire them one day...