Weather Up

inspired room for cocktails : weather up


Saturday night was all about a couple of my neighborhood favorite spots: No.7 restaurant and Weather Up bar. They never disappoint. Weather Up truly offers artfully prepared cocktails. They really take their cocktails very seriously. Having a drink made by one of their dapper bartenders could be considered a production. They move carefully, deliberately and prepare your cocktail with love – similar to they way a chef would a treasured dish. I've always loved the interior design of this tiny space. The white ceiling tiles highlight the length and shape of the room – giving it an old subway station feel. The lighting design compliments all of this and gives the space a beautiful warm glow. In addition to all this, I like that the bar attracts a variety of people which always makes things more interesting. I'm looking forward to summer months when they have their lovely back patio space open.
This bartender laughed at the photo I took because I caught him taking a quick break. I liked the contrast of the warmth of the space to the blue light glowing from his iPhone.

all photos by myturtleneck