a new surface : the uncarved block

I have begun the (slow) decorating process of my new Toronto digs. My refusal to settle for crappy furniture has caused a slight delay in filling my place with furniture. Tough when you need furniture, want quality and on a limited budget. Needless to say, the delivery of my custom built table this week had me thrilled. Thanks to Craig Marshall of The Uncarved Block, a beautiful, live edge (or raw edge) table now sits nicely in my kitchen/dining area. Craig even let me tag along with him to shop for the perfect slab at Urban Tree Salvage. The UTS showroom was great and their pricing very reasonable. I highly recommend it if you're looking to have furniture made from local salvaged wood.The final product is precisely what I wanted. It's incredibly well made. Even the non-glossy varnish is just as I requested. It actually brought out the colour variations in the wood, which I LOVE. A lot of the slab's unique character were left in (like saw marks, natural markings). I can't seem to stop touching it! 

Although I had originally intended to have a counter height table made, after sitting and working up high for a couple of months made me realize I much prefer a normal table height. The depth of the table is perfect for my small space. The choice to have a live edge on the table adds to the organic warmth that my apartment needs. So next on the list are the chairs. I know exactly what I want and will be able to get an incredible deal on them, thanks to a designer discount! I will post an update when those are delivered. 

Thank you to Craig and Robin from The Uncarved Block!

p.s. the photos are all taken with my iPhone. I'm having some photo download issues on my camera today.


when eye wear = art

I would consider myself an eye wear fiend of sorts. At least I am very, very particular about the pair I chose to wear simply because I wear them everyday of the year. I prefer glasses to contacts because of the distinct personality and style they add to my look. I always notice and call attention to people when they have beautiful specs on. I was floored when I came across Urban Spectacles  by designer Scott Urban. They are meticulously hand sculpted from solid blocks of wood! Unbelievable. These have to be the most unique and beautiful eyeglasses I have ever seen. Amazing. I would give up a few pairs of new shoes to own a pair of these. Seriously.

i want skull candy

I was already a huge fan of Skull Candy's in-ear headphones – a less expensive alternative to Apple's in-ear headphones (they are only $15 at Staples). They sound amazing. Then my co-worker sent me a link to these yesterday. They really are carved out of wood. It's no secret how much I love anything made out of wood – particularly jewelry, accessories, high heels and house wear ;) And how adorable is the packaging design?! Love! 

Available at Urban Outfitters (online only). 

This Vers iPod Dock is also right up my alley too. I believe this has been in the market for some time but I still really like it. Gorgeous and on sale at Target.  If you love bent wood furniture, this ones an easy sell. This one's made from Natural Cherry wood but it's available in Bamboo, Dark and Natural Walnut. Apparently, it sounds great too. I should write them and inquire about when they might come out with one designed for the iPhone.