old photos are gems

With my mom and her mom both celebrating October birthdays (14th, 28th, respectively), it was only fitting to share another recently discovered gem of a photo. It's a follow up to the photo I posted in July. Thanks to my cousin Joel for sharing photos he recently unearthed in Manila. That's my lola (grandmother) in the middle, my parents to the right and my my mom's sister-in-law, sister and brother-in-law to the left. This must have been in the very early 70s. I love how elegant everyone looks. My mom looks like a teenager here. But she had to have been in her early 20s. Whenever I see old family photos, I feel like I know my family just a little bit more. And I love that.

Happy October birthdays to Mama & (my late) Lola! 

my moscot mangito


Eyewear is kind of a big deal for me. My glasses are on my face 365 days a year and all of my waking hours. I've worn them since the age of 13. So it's become part of my identity. Choosing frames can be a time consuming (and expensive) endevour. Back in August of 2010, when I was preparing to move from New York to Toronto, I came across Moscot Vintage Eyewear – I believe it was mentioned in an article in New York magazine. I learned that the company is a New York institution that's been around since 1915. I loved the Originals Collection, all consisting of styles created between 1930-1970. I tried on the Mangito frames before I left and knew I had to have them. They were exactly what I have been looking for. They have that classic/nerd-chic element that made a bold statement but did not completely overwhelm my face. It's a lot but not too much. They have a subtle cat-eye angle on the corners that I love, too. I also couldn't help gravitating toward these purely from a naming standpoint (considering my last name). I learned that these frames were inspired by a Moscot family member, Gladys Moscot, who in the 60s "left New York's Lower East Side and for a life of drinking Cuba Libres and smoking Cohibas in Havana." Mangito is also Cuban slang for sexy, hot and fresh (apparently). Ha! 

A month before a trip to New York, I found out via Twitter that these very frames were 30% for the month of April. It was perfectly timed. I knew I had to get them. Happy birthday to me. I placed the order and picked them up when I arrived in NYC earlier this month. They're also the most well-made pair of glasses that I've ever purchased – and I've closely examined many a pair of designer frames. You can see and feel how well constructed they are. They just do not feel mass produced. Not only that, Moscot custom-fitted them for me with nose pads – perfect for noses like mine with small bridges. I haven't come across many eyewear companies that does this. I love these new frames!

What do you think?  


yanatiba in my 'hood

I was pleased to discover this cute new vintage furniture, clothing and jewelry shop open in my neighbourhood. It's called Yanatiba. The store has 2 floors of endless little things to look at. I'm looking forward to exploring it some more. I'm all for small local businesses in Brooklyn. it's about time more shops like these crop up in my part of town. It's infinitely more interesting and charming than just another monster chain store.

714 Washington Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11238

All photos by myturtleneck

rare find : philippine cigarette labels (1800-1900)

It is so rare to find vintage packaging design from the Philippines so I was thrilled to stumble on these. This extensive collection of cigarette pack labels are from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s. For those who are not aware, Spain colonized the Philippines for about 400 years (until towards the end of the 1900s). So most of the packaging text is in Spanish. I love this collection :) I wish I knew the story of who collected and documented these. There are more here if you're curious.

All images from

nothingelegant : vintage book masking tape

Creative gift-wrapping ideas are always fun to come up with. What I typically do is keep a large roll of kraft paper around. I use that as a blank "canvas" and add other elements from there (i.e. large circular stickers, beautiful fabric ribbon, different colored raffia, etc). I was thrilled to discover these old vintage book printed masking tape by nothingelegant on Etsy. These would look amazing on top of kraft paper as gift wrap! The possibilities are endless.


inspired vintage : pre-fall part 1

There's always a dilemma of what to wear in-between seasons when summer is not quite over but fall is technically underway. I think this vintage outfit would be perfect for those attending those pre-fall dinner parties. The entire ensemble also costs $131. Thanks to my friend Nichole for tipping me off on these vintage dresses from Asia by this eBay store called Mime Vintage out of Hong Kong. Adorable!

vintage dress from Japan $39 from Mime Vintage

mini bag $34 from AdVintagous on Etsy

Oxfords $58 from Urban Outfitters
(ok, these are new!)

wearing spring/summer ankle boots + scarves


I stumbled upon these great OFFICE ankle boots during my first visit to the new Topshop in Soho. It was a very worthwhile purchase as it turns out. They go with everything! I can wear them with skinny jeans, cropped/long leggings, dresses or skirts. The perforated buttery soft leather makes them so wearable in the spring, summer and even early fall. I adore that pointy toe. Love them! 
I really like the idea of wearing these booties with scarves and a simple tank top. Below are some that I own and some I found: