doggie proofing

In case you missed my recent blog post on my new place, the photo above shows the sliding doors into my bedroom. I discovered this week that my dog, Lexie, has since figured out how to get into my bedroom – where she's not allowed when I am not home. I came home to the doors cracked open, lots of little footprints around the entrance and a guilty-looking dog.

Any suggestions for a (simple, non-offensive looking) solution to 'lock' a non-locking set of sliding doors? Designers? Architects? Dog people? I also do not own this place, so any solutions cannot involve altering the walls. FYI, both doors slide open. 


inside of a dog

I am completely absorbed in this book. It should be required reading for all dog people. Forget everything you thought you knew about dogs. Inside of a Dog gives us human beings a much deeper understanding (and hopefully, more empathy) for our beloved four-legged friends. It's thoughtfully written and fascinating. 

Thanks to my friend Eric for forwarding this on to me.

lexie's seventh

It's Lexie's 7th birthday today! She and I have been through A LOT together, she has been my trusty (and occasionally naughty) sidekick. I adore her beyond words. And who wouldn't? Look at that delicious face? I accidentally forgot her birthday last year. I missed it by a couple of weeks. It was during a very stressful time before my big move out of New York. I think I might buy her a hotdog this year and just let her devour it. That ought to make up for my birthday neglect last year!

We had a scare this weekend and thought she might be really hurt. So I'm thrilled that the her vet felt that she is fine (likely a sprain of some sort). I just need to keep my eye on her. It was a huge relief. 

This outtake from Lexie's photoshoot by my photographer friend Young Jung makes me laugh. She caught Lexie in the precise moment. 

Happy Birthday to the SWEETEST little dog in the whole world.


dog daze

There's not a day my dog isn't capable of improving (typically by inducing some laughter). Lexie's been photographed quite a bit but I don't have too many photos of me with my dog. She instinctively knew as soon as I got home that I was not feeling well today. She was being sweeter and more playful than usual. It needed to be documented. If you've ever lived with or cared for an animal, you will understand this type of sentimentality. 

And the one in the center of Lexie with her paw up, that's a rarely captured moment of her saying 'hi' (...yes, I taught her how to do that).


in a garden state


It was great to spend time with my dad this weekend. He's visiting from Manila where he and my mom live. I came to stay at my uncle's house in New Jersey where my dad is staying. The charmless shopping mall and car culture of suburbia aside (not really my style), the "garden state" of New Jersey did have so much lush beauty to offer. Behind the cul-de-sac of monster homes was a small farm. I was enamored with the scenery and had to take photos. It was also heaven for Lexie to walk around without her leash and with her new best friend, sweet little Bella (my aunt and uncle's jack russell). The late afternoon sun broke through just after a whole day of rain and all the color came alive.


rewarding cuteness : lexie

Not a day goes by that Lexie doesn't make me laugh or smile. This photo in particular captures so much of what she's like. Not to mention those big brown eyes. She's so sweet, patient and obedient that she actually allowed me to take several tries at documenting this moment while holding perfectly still! Not unlike any other dog, she's dying to have that piece of chicken breast jerky (only her favourite treat). But she waited. She looked so incredibly adorable doing it. I had to share.

By the way, she was rewarded two-fold after this photo was taken (I'm not that cruel).

lexie and her cousins

I'm not sure how I will be able to pry Lexie away from her "cousins" in Toronto after the holidays. I've haven't seen her have this much fun since my last trip here. My sister and brother-in-law's dogs (Buddy and Jupiter) kill me. How ridiculously adorable are they together? Good lord.