meet belinda, my new bicycle

The last time I had a bicycle to call my own, I was about 14 in southern California. I was in 7th grade. The kids at school made fun of me and my bike. They would sing the Pee Wee Herman theme song whenever I rode by. NO ONE rode a bike to school in my part of the world then. It wasn't considered cool then. But I really couldn't care less what other kids thought. I liked my bicycle. It was new, cream coloured and had a basket in the back. Fairly non-descript. I rode that thing to school until I started catching rides on the back of a friend's Vespa a year later. 

After I got a taste of cycling earlier this month, I knew I had to get one. I had planned to start off with a used bike but got a GREAT deal on this new one. It had very minor scratches. I knew I had to strike a balance between aesthetically appealing, modestly priced, easy/comfortable to ride. Theft is apparently rampant these days, so I invested in a good lock, too. This was perfect. As soon as I saw it, the afternoon of shopping was over. I had to have it. Of couse, my favourite part is the leather seat and handle bar covers (if there's a proper term for this, I don't know it). 

Eventually, I'd like to get a beautiful wicker basket similar to the one below by Nantucket Bike Basket Co. instead of the mesh one. The bike shop employee mentioned that the wicker baskets actually last much longer than the powder-coated metal ones. Who knew? They even have baskets designed for pets. Too adorable. 

I rode my new bike into work today and I love it even more. It was a summer defining move to purchase this gem. I'm calling my bike Belinda. For some reason, I heard Belinda Carlisle's singing one of the Go-Go's songs when I saw the bike. I have absolutely no idea why! So the name has stuck.

p.s. I don't plan to join any Toronto hipster cycling cults worthy of an episode of Portlandia. I'm still essentially that nerdy 14 year old just enjoying the ride and the sunshine. 

Cheers to summer!