my moscot mangito


Eyewear is kind of a big deal for me. My glasses are on my face 365 days a year and all of my waking hours. I've worn them since the age of 13. So it's become part of my identity. Choosing frames can be a time consuming (and expensive) endevour. Back in August of 2010, when I was preparing to move from New York to Toronto, I came across Moscot Vintage Eyewear – I believe it was mentioned in an article in New York magazine. I learned that the company is a New York institution that's been around since 1915. I loved the Originals Collection, all consisting of styles created between 1930-1970. I tried on the Mangito frames before I left and knew I had to have them. They were exactly what I have been looking for. They have that classic/nerd-chic element that made a bold statement but did not completely overwhelm my face. It's a lot but not too much. They have a subtle cat-eye angle on the corners that I love, too. I also couldn't help gravitating toward these purely from a naming standpoint (considering my last name). I learned that these frames were inspired by a Moscot family member, Gladys Moscot, who in the 60s "left New York's Lower East Side and for a life of drinking Cuba Libres and smoking Cohibas in Havana." Mangito is also Cuban slang for sexy, hot and fresh (apparently). Ha! 

A month before a trip to New York, I found out via Twitter that these very frames were 30% for the month of April. It was perfectly timed. I knew I had to get them. Happy birthday to me. I placed the order and picked them up when I arrived in NYC earlier this month. They're also the most well-made pair of glasses that I've ever purchased – and I've closely examined many a pair of designer frames. You can see and feel how well constructed they are. They just do not feel mass produced. Not only that, Moscot custom-fitted them for me with nose pads – perfect for noses like mine with small bridges. I haven't come across many eyewear companies that does this. I love these new frames!

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