our new lakeside life

It was only a matter of a couple of days before Lexie fell in love with her new digs. Our new view here in Toronto is quite lovely. Lexie and I are temporarily living at my sister and brother-in-law's condo right next to the local yacht club. It's a far cry from the loud, busy, rat-infested Brooklyn sidewalks that Lexie dreaded to walk down. It's a lot like resort living, only I'm not really supposed to be on vacation. Unfortunately, my dog allergies quickly set in. It's manageable around Lexie when not combined with seasonal pollen in the air. But the three-dog home situation is currently proving to be a health hazard for me. Living here comes with major nasal allergies and asthma. Not quite sure how to resolve this one. Allergies or not, the quiet, lakeside, dog-friendly life is a very welcome change for Lexie. The shift in her is quite apparent, she's a more playful and happier dog here – especially around her cousins. It is undeniably tranquil for me too. I love the clanking sounds the boats make in the breeze in the marina as I watch the sunset from the balcony everyday.