old montreal

The best part of Montreal was Old Montreal. I hadn't visited since probably 2000. We ended up spending the most time there which resulted in a majority of my photos being taken there. Walking around there really felt like a different country altogether, it felt very, very European/French. It was so lovely. Indulging in four hour meals didn't seem strange. I could have sat in cafés, chatted and laughed all day long. The food we ate was amazing (separate post for that!). The weather was quintessential fall – bright, breezy, crisp and clear (mostly). We saw more amazing art in one small gallery in the neighbourhood than anywhere else. Just being there was inspiration. J'adore! 

If it we'rent for the unbearably cold winters and having the obstacle of not knowing how to read/write/speak French well, I would live there. At least now I am only a 5-6 hour drive away. I CANNOT wait to visit again.