inspired weightlessness : lysanne pepin

A walk through Old Montreal this past weekend brought so much inspiration (several posts worth!) that I had to share. One of my favourites were these paintings by artist and fashion boutique owner Lysanne Pepin. Her work caught my eye through the window of her clothing boutique called Espace Pepin. I was instantly captivated. I adore her large print/painting series on wood entitled Weightlessness. Elements of water, femininity, sensuality, movement, dance – including birth and death are called to mind when I look at these paintings. The artist utilizes the grain of the wood surface to evoke the look of water ripples – which I adore. I can't stop looking at them. 

If you're ever around Old Montreal, stop by the gallery/store. Watch the beautiful films that are part of the same collection of work here.

More photos from my Montreal trip to come... 

Here's the top painting above entitled Shadow shown installed at the gallery/store