polaroids from a different time : louis mendes

I was in the city yesterday just to run a few errands. Along 6th Avenue and 18th Street, I spotted this man that looked like he literally
came from a different time. It was this camera he held in his hands – very old and very cool. I stopped to ask if I could take a photo of him
and he graciously agreed. Turns out, this gentleman – Louis Mendes – takes (real) Polaroids of people on the streets of NYC for a living.
This monstrous, beautiful camera is a Graphic Speed camera with a Polaroid back is from the 1940s. Mr. Mendes also looked the part
with his blocked hat and suit.

Then he insisted on taking a photo of me. I had to agree since he kindly agreed to be photographed himself. So here's my sweaty New York
errand day look! I couldn't have been more unprepared for a portrait. Eeek. But the entire experience was such a great New York moment.  
And wow, did I covet that camera. Find Louis Mendes outside of B&H, on the streets of the city and on Facebook.