dutch boy burger


A friend called to my attention a new burger joint in the neighbourhood called Dutch Boy Burger a couple of weeks ago. So we decided to
walk over there for lunch and try it out. I was naturally curious about the name. The story is, a Dutch Boy paint store used to be in the
same space. The new owners decided to keep and capitalize on the familiar brand name. The extra large Dutch Boy Paints sign established
a great classic diner aesthetic to the small space.

I ordered the Dutch Boy Burger (stout-soaked cheddar sauteed crimini shrooms & caramelized onion; fries included for $8.50) shared a 
generous plate of onion rings and a Foxton Park White Birch soda. So what's the verdict? Everything, including the soda, was really really 
good. The portions are generous, everything fresh and juicy. I must point out that their (Vidalia) onion rings might be the best I've had.  
The batter they coat the rings with was very thin and crispy (and not at all 'bready'). Biting into them revealed the sweetness of the tender  
Vidalia onions. Perfection. And for the comfort food connoisseurs: they fry absolutely everything in duck fat – only on Sundays. Also a nice 
detail to point out, it's also a good spot for locavores. Their suppliers are primarily local. Next time you're in Prospect Heights having drinks  
at Franklin Park, go through the back door and have yourself a burger and rings (the two establishments are attached).