reckless : a crowd electric

One of my oldest and dearest friends here in New York, Sparrow Hall (right), has added to his list of many talents. This one being one half of A Crowd Electric, a band he started with the talented, David Crabb. They recently released their debut EP entitled Reckless. It's a song about "hot-mess relationships" that we've ALL experienced at one point or another. It can only be described as an epic synth-pop dark dance club anthem – the kind that's meant to be played in a huge club space with high ceilings. I couldn't help thinking of David Byrne's Ted Talk about how architecture helped music evolve. This is a prime example of music that was made to be played for a jam packed, huge dance club. It feels like an entire experience. Perhaps even a memory of a certain time in our lives. 

Have a listen below to the first track and buy it here

<a href="">Reckless (EP Version) by A Crowd Electric</a>

Photo by Megan Faulkner