inspired event design

Last weekend, I attended my friends Juliette and Cass' baby shower here in Brooklyn. It might be the loveliest baby shower I've ever attended. Four of Juliette's close girlfriends (all interior designers and architects, by the way!) put the whole event together. It was held on the roof of their apartment building. The weather could not have been more beautiful. I didn't learn until yesterday just how much of what I documented there was custom made. In addition to most of the food prepared, the tablecloths, frames/signs and tiered dessert plates were all created by the event organizers. I thought the beverage bar was so beautifully put together. Everything was delicious. I was particularly drawn to the sweets – especially the lemon cheesecake squares! 

Here's a quick list of the various items above: 

1) Tablecloths & frames by Caroline McKeough

2) Tiered Dessert plates (prototypes made of ceramic and oak) by Caroline McKeough

3) Macaroons from Bouchon Bakery

4) Petit Fours from Divine Delights

5) Lemon Cheesecake squares (to die for!) by Caroline McKeough

 My best wishes to Juliette and Cass and the upcoming birth of their baby!