the kids are alright

Tonight my friend Jenna and I watched the advanced screening of this wonderful film: The Kids Are Alright. First of all, what a great cast. Combine that with a funny, smart and heartfelt script and what you get is seriously solid filmmaking. The acting was superb. The best I've seen in a long time. I immediately loved the characters. The actors took the writing – and the story – to a whole new level. It was about time a well-done story was told about a modern family. They succeeded in portraying a family with gay parents to feel about as ordinary as any other family – complete with all the typical concerns and everyday struggles that we can all relate to. Not only that, it was totally hilarious! You will laugh out loud, you will cry – and love every minute of it. And Mark Ruffalo: super sexy and adorable (where has he been hiding?!) Anyway, I can't say enough about this film. Just go see it!

If you're aching for an alternative to the big, loud summer blockbusters, this one is a sure bet. It will be in theaters July 9th, 2010.