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my mom
I recently took on the task of meticulously restoring old family photos, most of which have been damaged over the years. This portrait of my mother in the early 70s was no exception. It was drawn by my aunt Amelia (Mel) in pencil/charcoal. She definitely captured the likeness and essence of my mom here. I thought it would be a perfect homage to my mom for Mother's Day. I mean, how chic is her haircut? I must mention, too, that my mom ran a clothing company for women and children when I was young. She loved dressing us. My sister Caroline and I (before my youngest sister was born) were often her models (and fit models).
So for the woman who dressed me early in life, kicking off a lifelong love of clothes and fashion, Happy Mother's Day!
I don't see my mom too often since she lives in Manila. I love and miss her.
Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there :)