hot in red hook


Last Saturday, I joined my friend Dave Pinter for opening day of the Red Hook Food Truck extravaganza. I had been hearing about the trucks for a few years but had yet to try. It was worth the wait (and the walk). So food trucks lined the street corner around Red Hook Park serving all manner of latin food. It cost $5 for this huge (and very tasty) beef huarache and $3 for fresh watermelon juice. There are picnic tables that line the edge of the park too, so you can enjoy the food like civilized human beings.
The day turned into an epic walk through Red Hook, Ikea and the waterfront. Lovely and quiet with a great view of, well, everything: Manhattan, Staten Island and New Jersey.
Go check it out. Tomorrow.
the (badass) juice truck
Dave's pork huarache and tamarind juice (so GOOD)
the incredible shrimp ceviche – I can still taste it, yum
heat supply