the last of the waterfall necklace : spring/summer 2010

I have below, the final waterfall necklaces this spring/summer season. I can't guarantee that I'll be getting more of these in the future. The colors I have available are the only ones shown here (quantities also indicated below). I wasn't able to get other requested colors following my previous post, unfortunately.

8-layer necklace: $50
2 - red
1 - black

3-layer necklace: $35
1 - red
1 - orange
1 - gold

tribal necklace with bells: $35
(I have a few of these)

I accept cash or Paypal only and can ship anywhere. First come, first served.

black waterfall necklace

small 3 layer waterfall necklace in red

small 3 layer gold waterfall necklace

tribal necklace with bells