before and after in the 70s

Last week my Dad emailed me a bunch of old photos he found in storage for me to restore. It was so interesting to look at them again after so many years. Quite aptly timed since my birthday is this weekend (tomorrow). This photo is of me from the 70s. I won't mention what year. It's safe to say...I'm old.

I remember the moment these photos were taken (it was a series of 3 or 4). It was my grandmother's house (father's side). I was four years old and I loved this dress. It's amazing to truly realize that once I was this little person. Those were still my baby teeth.

The scratches on the photo were quite bad. I restored it the best I could, to what I remember it looking like before it was damaged and faded. The largest scratches on my face covered what should be dimples on my cheeks (which are still there, by the way). It just proved too difficult to try and recreate this.

I'm looking forward to celebrating (my old age) this weekend. Here's to not losing the ability to giggle and laugh uncontrollably and to appreciating how good it feels ;)

me, circa 1970s (AFTER)

me, circa 1970s (BEFORE)