lovely journelle

I've known about Journelle for a while and have looked around but hadn't really had a chance to shop. If you saw my previous post on intimate apparel, you know of my affinity for beautiful lingerie. I'm not a big Victoria's Secret fan. I thought the front window display at Journelle was a funny dig on VS. This weekend I decided I needed a replacement for my favorite bra that met it's demise at the hands (more accurately, teeth) of my sister's dog over the holidays. It was chewed up beyond repair. I was great to be reminded of how much more elegant and tasteful the selection was at Journelle compared to VS.

I have to say too, that I really enjoyed shopping at Journelle. It's a lovely shop with really well-curated selection of lingerie. The staff was so sweet – not pushy or totally inattentive – which is rare in New York. It's a local New York shop so all the more reason to support it. And contrary to what you may think, not everything is expensive! The change rooms were spacious, the chocolates and bottles of water were a nice touch and I adore their kraft paper gift wrap. They also gave me a $20 off card for my next purchase. Twenty bucks! If you decide to stop by, ask for Susannah (photo of her at the bottom). She was so helpful and lovely. I have a new favorite lingerie shop and I will definitely be back. I will make sure my beautiful new purchase doesn't end up becoming a chew toy this time ;)