15 things that make me happy

I was inspired by a recent article in New York magazine on 50 Steps to Simple Happiness and decided to create my own list. When I am happy, I'm inspired. It's as simple as that.

Here's my list (in no particular order):

1) Receiving and writing handwritten postcards and letters. It's increasingly rare these gadget-obsessed days.

2) Chlorine-free (saline) swimming pools. Really. If you've never had the pleasure of swimming in one, you haven't lived ;) This one at the Standard Hotel in Miami was extra lovely.

3) My dog Lexie. She brings me more joy everyday than she will ever know.

4) Paris. Even if I can't be there at the moment and I'm not sure when I will be back. I just like knowing that it's there.

5) Kissing. Lots of it. You can never have enough of a great kiss.

6) Dance class. I feel like a broken record about this. But going to dance class always makes my day.

7) Brunch. Particularly my current favorite places like Hundred Acres (below)

8) Living in Brooklyn. What can I say, I love living here.

9) The beach. I was born in the tropics, it's in my blood. It's heaven to me, especially tranquil ones with warm water. But being near a beach is always nice.

10) Laughing and the people that make it happen. More, please.

11) Momofuku (David Chang's) restaurants. Ask me to join you any day of the week, I'm there.
12) New York in the summer. Sure it's hot and disgusting in more ways than one. But I love the endless list of activities, events and places to visit when it's not freezing outside – when just walking around all day can be "the best day ever."

13) Cake! How I love cake. Especially red velvet. There's something about the cream cheese icing. My favorite is Cakeman Raven's. Hands down, the BEST.

14) Scalp massages. Yes. More than any other kind of massage (though you won't find me turning down any kind of massage). Its almost better than sex. Almost.

15) Dinner with friends and/or family. I had to list this one separately. Food with people I love is sacred. Nothing makes me happier.