missing vancouver

Since the start of the Winter Olympics, Vancouver has been all over the media. It's actually made me miss it a lot. It's been nice being reminded, once again, of what a beautiful place it is. I lived there for 10 years prior to my (now) 11 years in New York. My family moved there from California before I went to college. It was a beautiful place to go to school. I'm far from being a snow sport type of person, but living in a city that was flanked by both the ocean and the mountains was pretty sweet. What the Winter Olympic opening ceremonies completely failed to highlight is the very rich Asian culture that exists in Vancouver. Virtually half of the population is Asian. Needless to say, the food in Vancouver is incredible. I've told people on many occasions that when I lived in Vancouver, I ate sushi two to three times a week (as did everyone else). It's amazing and could be considered a staple. I've been lucky to have lived in cities with such amazing food!

Oh, that's right, I am Canadian :)

Dubbed as the "City of Glass", Vancouver is a city with very modern architecture on very picturesque landscape. Not visible in the first photo (behind the clouds) are the mountains where most of the Olympic events are being held – just behind downtown.

I was in Vancouver in August of 2008 for a friend's wedding and wanted to share my own images of Vancouver with you. I wish I had taken more photos.

the view from granville island
A partial view of downtown Vancouver and Granville Street Bridge from Granville Island and Burrard Inlet.

english bay
This is English Bay, the west side neighbourhood of downtown Vancouver (city beaches are nice!)

from stanley park's sea wall
Stone art from the (12 mile) seawall walk around Stanley Park (located near downtown Vancouver)

english bay towards the aquabus
More of English Bay

the aquabus at granville island
The Aqua Bus takes you from downtown Vancouver across the inlet to Granville Island.

ECIAD's design building
My alma mater: Emily Carr University of Art & Design (located on Granville Island under the Granville Street Bridge – the Vancouver equivalent to New York's Dumbo neighbourhood)

the entrance to the design building
The ECUAD design building – where I spent my college days

the old boat houses, still cute.
A view of the adorable house boats that line Granville Island

at my old alma mater with kevin :)
Interior of the ECUAD design building. That's me with my friend Kevin who I graduated with. He has lived in London for more than 12 years and we met on Granville Island one day to reminisce about our college days. I hadn't been in the building since I graduated!

roof garden of the fairmont hotel
A view of downtown buildings from a rooftop garden of The Fairmont Hotel.

the new olympic pavilion near canada place
The Olympic Pavilion (still under construction in 2008 when I took this photo)

the trees at stanley park
Stanley Park cedar trees... so beautiful.

this driftwood looked like a fish to me
This driftwood looked like a fish to me (taken along the Stanley Park seawall walk)