afternoon tea delights

I had the loveliest of lunches with a friend here in Toronto this week. It was at none other than Red Tea Box – a local gourmet tea purveyor, maker of specialty cakes and restaurant. It had been years and years since I've been there and was looking forward to coming back. We didn't stick to the original plan of having high tea (of which they had a choice of three types: traditional, Asian and Moroccan). There were just too many options. Their menu was larger than I expected. So this is what we ate:

Cucumber infused water
A pot (or two) of Lavender Earl Grey tea (amazing stuff)

The October Lunch Bento special:
- Spiced Braised Lamb with Coconut and Almonds on Garlic and Rosemary Scented Polenta (also really amazing)
- Creamy Spinach and Chickpea Fritters with Tahini and Pickled Apples & Beets
- Garlicky Rapini

- Dulce de Leche Espresso Cake
- Hot Chocolate Brownie slice with Caramel (I've forgotten the actual name)

I was truly impressed at how flavour-packed and artfully made everything was. The food has so many flavours were infused into every dish. And considering the amount of earl grey tea I've been drinking lately, I appreciated their lavender earl grey that much more. It was amazing. The back house area behind an adorable courtyard where we sat was also very cozy. It made for such a great afternoon for catching up and consuming a whole lot of delicious food.

One thing I will note about Red Tea Box is that you won't find a website for their business. Apparently the owner is averse to the whole idea (and apparently also averse to free press/promotion via blogs). It's pretty hard to believe these days. I suppose they've done quite well for themselves over the years without the need for online presence so who am I to judge? They don't even have an email address. Crazy, right?