colours turn, i run

This gorgeous fall scenery was enough to inspire my first *proper* pair of running shoes. I wanted to stay active following my big move. I'm missing my dance classes and it will take some time for me to find a new school. But I figured: why not take advantage of the great weather? It seems it's also the year of change, so I'm just aiming for consistency. I've been doing a combination of running, power-walking and hiking up and down the steep hills everywhere. It easy to get motivated when my sisters and friends have all decided to do the same (at least one of them runs fairly regularly). I've also done it on my own. Toronto has many lovely parks within the city limits – as I'm quickly learning. Although I'm feeling sore from my new exercise routine, I plan to stick to it as long as the weather permits. It's so refreshing – and look where I get to run! The humourously vandalized signage was also worth documenting.

The photos above were taken at Christie Pitts Park and High Park.