monet brought to life

Museums are increasingly paying attention to and painstakingly designing the online versions of their exhibitions these days (check out the The MoMA's recent online exhibitions). This website for Monet's 2010 show at the Galeries Nationales in Paris (opening this October) designed by Creative Director Olivier Bienaimé of Les 84 in Paris was particularly worth sharing. It offers such a beautiful experience of Monet's work through animations and interactivity of his paintings. It loads painfully slow but it is worth the wait. This is a great example of how an experience, learning and feeling can be presented in such an imaginative way. These still images captured from the site doesn't do justice to the work. It is in the treatment of the transitions that are most beautiful to me. You need to see for yourself here. I would actually love to see the "Journey" section as a whole film version of the exhibition. This website might almost be a more interesting (at least very different) way to learn about Monet and his life's work than just viewing static versions of his paintings hanging in a gallery. Not only that, it allows everyone to experience the show, not just people who will be physically visiting the exhibition in Paris.