stumptown coffee at the ace hotel

The Stumptown Coffee at the Ace Hotel just became my favourite new spot in the city. Great space, the best (and inexpensive!) coffee. This coffee puts Starbucks to shame. The staff was so sweet, I saw none of the obnoxious New York attitude (that often makes you feel as though you should somehow feel honored to spend your money at their establishment). That hats are also a nice, classic touch. I always believed that New York lacked more comfortable places to lounge and enjoy coffees – unlike the west coast. This is perfect. It has this plush urbanite meets the back woods vibe that's very chic. And you're allowed to linger. If you haven't stopped in, you should. You can even bring your laptop here and get some work done. I love it.

Who wants to meet for coffee?

Images from Tablet Hotels

Images from Stumptown Coffee

Image from Ace Hotel blog