inspired performance : in-i

Seeing Juliet Binoche and Akram Kahn perform In-I last night at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) felt as though I had experienced the entire span of a romantic relationship. It was that intense. Both delivered powerful, emotional performances. I've not seen dance combined so seamlessly with theater in quite the same way. As an actor, it must have been quite a challenge for Juliet Binoche to learn dance – and to execute it with so much emotion and precision. She is, after all, France's beloved "La Binoche". It looked incredibly demanding from a physical and emotional standpoint. There was an intimacy and chemistry between the two performers that was very palpable. It was amazing to witness. Not surprisingly, they both co-directed and co-created the show.

Another great reason to see performances at BAM (apart from its proximity to my apartment) is their ticket prices are very reasonable. They seem to be much better than theater ticket prices in the city.

I highly recommend seeing it.