the lobster pound sandwich

I had to try this (much-hyped) Red Hook Lobster Pound sandwich at the Brooklyn Flea in Dumbo this weekend. My sister Christine loves food as much as I do. Since she is in the city visiting, I thought it would be a great idea to go, eat and shop.

The sandwich did not disappoint. It was overloaded with the largest chunks of lobster I've ever encountered mixed in with a little mayonnaise and topped with chopped green onions. The bread was lightly buttered and toasted on the grill. Simple and absolutely delicious! They even give you a cocktail fork to pick up the overflow. I secretly thanked the person who had to crack all the lobster shells open so that I could enjoy my sandwich. It was well worth the $13. Loved it. Every last bite. The photos below say it all.

It was a weekend of indulgence: great food, (some) shopping, amazing weather and so much fun. I did manage to make it to dance class which my sister and her friend Anda attended with me. All in all, a perfect long weekend in New York!