beachwood : a modern surf shack

This beautiful beach house was recently renovated by my friend, Jon Maltby. Jon is a fellow designer/creative director, avid surfer and old college friend of mine that lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The "surf shack" is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island (a five hour trip via ferry boat from Vancouver).

Jon designed as well as built almost everything himself. The wood used for the fireplace and headboards for the beds were recycled from the house's original siding. Structural wood was re-used to build the hearth. The loft railing was custom made in Vancouver and then transported to the house. The house is situated on what was originally an old logging camp. The original physical house was actually relocated to this location (via a barge) from the area where the Vancouver airport was built.

I love how the layout of the house takes full advantage of the view and the light. This makes me wish I had a beach house of my own. Gorgeous!

For more images, check here.