inspired sexiness : brazilians & bikinis

I've had a long-standing interest in Brazil: the music, the culture and, over the years, have studied Afro-Brazilian Samba dance. It's at the top of my list of travel destinations. I'm fascinated with the bikini culture as well as the culture of sexiness often associated with Brazilians. I've observed through my dance classes (and my teacher) that the local culture IS inherently sexy. It isn't about perfection. It is just part of everyday life, history, fashion and especially dance. I came across this video of Fashion Week in Sao Paulo Fashion Week Summer 2010 that explains a bit of what I mean. There are some interesting and animated views on why in Brazil really is all about the a**.

My own hunt for a bikini for a Mexico trip last fall ended at Azaleas, a lingerie shop in the East Village. Although I originally tried to go out of my usual comfort zone and try a brightly hued one, I came to my senses bought this one below by a Brazilian line called Vix instead. I always end up with classic black (or gray) because the bright, printed, cutesy-looking ones are just not me. I firmly believe brights and prints only help to emphasize body parts that do not need emphasizing. I have to say, this Vix suit does have the most amazing fit – it doesn't cut into me the way most others do. The bottoms are low-rise, small, yes, but I chose the version with full backside coverage... if you get my drift. It fits well despite the fact that I don't have that famous Brazilian physique (in fact, I have the opposite!). It is comfortable to boot. And as far as style goes, no others have come close. They have both style and fit down to a science. Obrigado!

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