the beach life

I don't know how I will drag myself (and Lexie) back into the city after life on the Fire Island for the past couple of days! It's been so lovely and relaxing. The cottage is adorable, there's nice architecture around, we made great food on the grill and the beach is immense and exhilarating. A reminder of just how summer/beach oriented I truly am. Many thanks to my friend Sparrow Hall for the invite!

Sun. Savor. Swim. Repeat.

The ferry boat out to the island
Just in case you get lost...
I love the cottage. This is the back deck with the beautiful shade contraption...
The front of the cottage complete with the outdoor shower and dead horseshoe crabs on the wall...

Twilight on the deck
Grilled fig and gorgonzola on ciabatta bread
Grilled asparagus and bacon-wrapped sea scallops
Lexie loves sunbathing here
Newly re-planted grass...they look like hair plugs.

I love the series of wood-plank pathways throughout the island