for the love of neutra

Richard Neutra is definitely at the top of my list of all time favourite architect/designers. He even worked briefly under Frank Lloyd Wright (also at the top of my list) before starting his own studio. He was a proponent of "warm" modernism, proving that modernist architecture did not have to be sterile. He was also known for extending architectural space into the landscape outside. I love that about his work. I am particularly in love with his design of the Kaufmann House in Palm Springs (which apparently was auctioned off by Christies last year for nearly $20 million). I would model my own ideal home design after this house...and I would include the swimming pool, of course. This may require that I move to a warmer climate...

I'm also a huge fan of the boomerang chair design. It's gorgeous in that mid-century way. What's not to love about it?

And if I may truly geek-out here, his design of the NeutraFace Typeface is yet another reason I'm such a great admirer. It happens to also be of my favourite fonts. I also love that House Industries came out with the new Slab version too. It absolutely makes sense to me that architects design typefaces well. The clean, modern aesthetic of his mid-century modern architectural work is nicely translated into this font. I was so excited when another "warm" modernist, Ray Kappe, used Neutra as the font for the house number of pre-fab design of Living Homes. How perfect.

Kaufmann House photo from The Los Angeles Times

Kaufmann House photo from Architectural Digest

Kaufmann House photo from The Los Angeles Times

Kaufmann House photo from

Boomerang chair photo and typeface samples from House Industries