top brunch

Brunch this weekend at Hundred Acres with my friend Sparrow Hall might be one of the best brunches I've had in the city, ever. The space reminded me of a B&B you might stumble upon in New England somewhere. Elegant and quaint at the same time. The menu was the quintessential American brunch with little twists. It was equal parts simple, comfort food and tasteful, skilled preparation. The place was refreshingly free of "scenesters" wearing their uniforms-of-the-month who frequent many an over-hyped-yet-mediocre establishment in the city. It was also surprisingly easy to find a table for two on a very busy Saturday afternoon.

Its always such a pleasure to dine with good friends/or family who are as enthusiastic about good food as much as I am. We shared (and devoured) amazing food, great coffee, loads of laughs — as per usual, (oddly similar) dating stories and our respective creative project ideas. It was a great afternoon in spite of the torrential downpour outside.

We also discussed our personal favourite brunch spots in New York. My top five would include the following*:

1) Hundred Acres Poached Eggs, roasted jalepeno grits, housemade sausage & gravy (below)
2) James Restaurant Crepes with Parmacotto, Manchego & Sweet Marjoram Bechamel
3) Rocking Horse Cafe Panqueques
4) Good Restaurant Country Frittata or Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
5) Kif Frittata Verde

*The list above is subject to change order according my mood.