erica weiner vs. michael kors

I absolutely adore my Erica Weiner wood link necklace – which I mentioned on a previous post. I was flipping through Bazaar magazine recently at my nail spa and noticed a Michael Kors necklace (Spring 09) in a fashion editorial that looked shockingly similar. Erica Weiner's necklace has been out for at least a year (purchased mine in the summer last year). I suppose knock-offs are, needless to say, rampant in the industry and is to be expected. But I was particularly disturbed by this. I would tend to think that the "bigger" designers try to come up with relatively original work and attempt to be the industry tastemakers. But copying emerging designers? Nothing is sacred, it seems. Shame on Michael Kors.

Is anything out there original anymore? Perhaps I am being naive...

Erica Weiner's Wood Link necklace

Michael Kors version (via Micheal Kors online)