the outside is in: prototype for a dream house

Villa Berkel is a house in the Netherlands by architect Paul de Ruiter. There are several elements to this house that epitomize my ultimate house design. First, it's the abundance of openness and light (via all the glass windows wrapping around the space). Second, the blurring of what's outside and what's inside (also via the windows). Third, the water element (via the ponds surrounding the perfect). And finally, I love the sprawling, linear quality of the building (via the cantilevered roof, use of wood slats and the overall shape of the building).

I can very easily imagine myself happily inhabiting such a house. If there was anything I would change/add, it would be more of the warm wood in the interior spaces, a swimming pool that mimics the shape and length of the building and, last but not least, more mid-century modern furniture inside and out.

All images from Contemporist