amazing artist + architect: maya lin

I can't express enough the respect, amazement and admiration for the work of my favorite contemporary artist and architect, Maya Lin. She designed the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington, DC very early on in her career. She's designed many others since. What I'm most impressed by is her architecture and art. Her commitment to the environment as well as to history is evident in her work. I love seeing the immense intelligence and beauty in her (large) body of work. The important role that light plays in her work is also something I really enjoy and appreciate. I am truly in awe.

Some of my favorite works are below. There are numerous projects that are really worth checking out on her site. Do check it out.

The Box House in Telluride, CO: (I LOVE this house. Speechless.)

The Langston Hughes Library in Clinton, TN

Here she maintained the structure of the old barn outside and then re-imaging and modernizing the space inside. The old and new co-existing. I love the way the light comes through the logs, through the glass, when seeing the space from inside. This building is amazing!

Storm King Wavefield in Mountainville, NY (dying to go see it in person!)

Systematic Landscapes at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, WA (once again, speechless.)
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